Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 29th, 2016

Fortunate Islands Two Ways

Making fruit infused beer properly is a pain the arse. I can understand why the majority of 'fruited' IPAs use fruit essences, using real fruit is a hell of a lot harder to scale up.

While visiting New Zealand last year, Modern Times head brewer Matt Walsh told us about the ridiculous amount of time it took to zest thousands of grapefruit for the amazing Fortunate Islands with Grapefruit Zest.

He swore (I think it was the f-word) that they would never ever make that beer again.

Luckily for us Matt wasn't true to his word - with the latest US shipment Grapefruit Fortunate Islands has returned!

This Tuesday we're tapping 2016 Grapefruit Fortunate Islands at 5pm. We thought it would be fun to have the standard Fortunate Islands on next to it, so we'll tap a keg of that at 5 as well!

We'll serve both in 200ml TeKu, 300ml Fancy and 473ml US Pints so you can choose how

Aussie Rules, Aussie Beers & Mince Pies

This Saturday is the biggest event on the Aussie sporting calendar - the AFL Grand Final.

The Sydney Swans have yet again made the final, with Western Bulldogs also making it in - for the first time since 1961. The game kicks off at 4.30pm and will be accompanied by some amazing Aussie brewers on tap. We'll have:

- Stone & Wood Pacific Ale (4.4%, classic thirst quencher)
- N.O.M.A.D. Without a Paddle (5.8%, delicious Kriek from GABS)
Akasha Iago's Revenge (9.8%, Imperial Black IPA from GABS)

For the authentic AFL experience we'll even serve up some classic stadium mince pies for a special price. Well, they'll be served like a stadium mince pie: in a bag with a squeezy tomato sauce. The filling will be a little classier, with angus beef mince cooked in 8 Wired Batch 2.18 Imperial Stout.

If you're not familiar with the rules of Aussie rules, there will be plenty of authentic Australians around to explain them to you. So come on down at 4, grab a pie and stake out a spot.

JB3 & Special Guests

This Saturday at 9pm JB3 bring the Boogaloo and New Orleans Funk to the HZ lounge.

JB3 are Jake Baxendale, Shaun Anderson & Daniel Hayles - but this weekend they've got friends in Welly for a different gig. And they'll be joining in as well.

So you get six for the price of three - and that price is free!

The VPs Duke it Out

Thanks to everyone who came down for Tuesday's very... interesting presidential debate. We had a packed house and thankfully the stream only dropped once just before things got underway.

RNZ even sent a reporter down and interviewed a couple of ex-pat attendees. We think John Campbell did a pretty good job of pronouncing our name.

The next debate may not be as entertaining, as it is between two politicians - Vice Presidential candidates Tim Kaine and Mike Pence.
It probably won't attract the same crowd, but we'll still be showing the VP debate Wednesday from 2pm for anyone interested.

Weekly PBE Digest

This week saw PBE beer announcements local and overseas, new and old. Here's what's been shared this week over on the PBE Facebook page in case you missed them.

Our first Vintage Keg Announcement: This Imperial Brown Ale has been aging nicely at Beer Without Borders coolstore since 2014 and will be released for PBE16!

From Austrailian brewery Nail Brewing, this batch of Hughe Dunn (named in honour of WA brewing guru Hugh Dunn) won a trophy and a medal at Australian's International Beer Awards and is described by the brewer as:

"a deeply brown beer with tonnes of creamy caramel, chocolate and nut aromas" coming in at 8%ABV.

We're excited to welcome Mount Brewing Co. from Mt. Maunganui to this year's PBE!

They will be debuting Crimson Tide, an American Amber Ale.

This red ale is brewed with a generous amount of Columbus, Amarillo, and Nelson Sauvin.

Another from Nomad Brewing Co. coming to PBE16 is Freshie Salt & Pepper Gose.

Here's their story on Freshie:

The brain child of Leo and Brooks while sitting staring out at the beautiful ocean off Freshwater Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches. The ocean mist and its fantastic smell had to be somehow put into a beer, so why not add sea water directly to the beer. Hold up, don't they add salt to Goses in Germany??!!

Traditionally Goses are slightly tart, savory and spicy (coriander), and light in body and ABV. We tried to get as close as possible to tradition as far as malts, yeast, and salt dosage but obviously gave it our very own Nomad twist by adding the sea water and Tasmanian pepper."

Brewed for their 1st Birthday, The Laboratory is bringing a cask of their Double Dodo, Imperial Brown Ale to PBE16!
This cask conditioned real ale is both rich and nutty, a bit stronger and a bit more hoppy.

Llew from Wild and Woolly Brewing is bringing a little bit of Mexico to PBE16: introducing Chelonii Verde!

"Chelonii Verde is a chelada, a Mexican beer cocktail.
Tart, savoury and lightly spicy it's flavoured with lime juice, a hint of chili and a variety of umami-rich seasonings. Pleasantly refreshing, it's just the thing to cleanse the palate in between hefty festival beers or enjoy a glass of in the (hopefully) sunny outdoor seating areas."

Yeastie Boys are remixing one of their signature beers, Pot Kettle Black into Pale Kettle Black for PBE16.

Essentially it's "that lovable rogue PKB but without the chocolate or roasted malt."

The lovable rogue Stu McKinlay models what could be the new label art.

That's all of this week's announcements, keep an eye on the PBE page for more daily updates. But we'll chronicle them here next week if FB ain't your thing.

It's looking more like a sell-out PBE each week, keep an eye out for some eye-catching posters around town soon. Get your tickets here before it's too late.


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