Thursday, October 27, 2016

October 27th, 2016

Cheers Tasi

Today is our beloved Tasi's final shift at Hashigo Zake. It's a sad moment to see her go, but also exciting for her future as a self-employed businesswoman.

As you know, she's brewed an IIPA at Te Aro Brewing to mark the occasion which is tapped at 5pm when she knocks off. There's also some amazing looking brownies, a vegan cake from Sweet Release and no doubt a classic "cheers bitches!" Tasi speech.

Come on down from 5pm today to celebrate with Tasi and the staff.

Mongrels Are The Best

This Tuesday is the final Nomad NRT. We're ending with their soured, fruited, funky version of Cruisin' Pale Ale: The Wild Mongrel (6.7%)

"Like all mongrels this beer's ancestry is a little mixed, mummy was the Cruisin ale who had a long affair with 300kg of Shiraz grapes producing a beautiful pinkish, sour fruit ale. A complex fruity, farmhouse nose with honey and bitterness from the beer, plus acidity and frutiness from the wine. All combined with the unpredictable influence of the wild yeast."

Looking at online reviews, this sounds like a pretty serious sour. Many of them mention vinegar, but in a good way. Hopefully that's true!
We tap our single keg of The Wild Mongrel at 5pm this coming Tuesday.

Live in the Lounge: Nick Granville Funk Trio

This Saturday from 9pm enjoy the "funky sweaty dancey grooves" of the Nick Granville Funk Trio in the lounge.
Hopefully the sweaty part is minimal.

We're bringing you free of charge: Nick Granville on guitar, Lance Philip on drums and Leonardo Coghini on organ.

The Final Results Show

The grand final of the hit new reality TV series "The 2016 US Presidential Election" is just two weeks away. With our coverage of the debate episodes, it's only fitting that we show live coverage of the final at the bar on Wednesday November 9th (network TBD). Make sure you book the afternoon off work.
We've even brewed two special staffie beers at Wild and Woolly for the occasion:

Rory brewed 'I'm Wit Her' - a Belgian style witbier with coriander and orange zest.
"Made on a private brewkit, in Rory's basement. Hacked documents released on wikileaks show that I'm Wit Her is coloured Democrat blue with squid ink.
The same leaked documents show a massive donation to Rory from a squid ink super PAC. When asked about this potential conflict Rory avoided the question and somehow ended up talking about Putin."

To keep the taps non-partisan I brewed an American brown ale: 'Make Brown Ale Great Again'.

"Believe me, this is a tremendous brown ale. No one loves brown ales more than I do. We hopped it bigly with Columbus and Cascade, and built a yuuuuuge wall of Gladfield specialty malt around it. And trust me, we're going to get Weyermann to pay for the malt. They're gonna pay. It's gonna be great. We're going to make brown ale great again."

We'll be showing coverage and commentary of the US Presidential from midday on the 9th until the result is called.


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