Thursday, January 29, 2015

January 29th, 2015

All New from Almanac

Almanac are probably best known for their seasonal sour and barrel aged beers. But the San Francisco brewer also has a year-round core range, the newest addition to which is Saison Dolores.

This is one of only few Almanac beers that dont spend time in a barrel, aiming for more of a "bright, aromatic brew for all seasons."

Dolores features a complex malt bill of various grains, and is (of course) dry hopped:

"We combine barley, rye and Sonoran Wheat grown in Mendocino County and ferment the beer with our house Saison yeast. Finally we dry hop it to create a California Saison with flavors of spicy white pepper, fruity melon and a clean food friendly finish."
Grab one of the first pints poured on the other side of the world this Tuesday at 5pm, when we tap the first keg.

George Round Two

A few weeks ago we cracked a few Calvados barrel aged Mikkeller George for you to try out.

This Saturday, we're cracking the brother of Calvados George: Cognac Barrel Aged George.
If you don't remember, George is an oily, pitch black 12.12%ABV
imperial stout. According to the bottle, this beer will punch you in the face. After tasting the Calvados version, I can confirm this.

According to people who have tasted the Cognac version on Ratebeer, the barrel imparts flavours of wood and dark fruit.

Make your own fancy tasting notes this Saturday, when we'll be pouring 100mls of Cognac George for $10.

'Ol King Cole

Ol' King Cole bring you the hits of the great Nat 'King' Cole and many other awesome artists of his era.
With Lou TM on keys/vox, Callum Allardice with guitar and Rob 'Bert Hendo' Henderson on double bass.

The music kicks off at 9.30pm Saturday, no door charge.

The 7's Session

Does the mere thought of the Wellington 7's make you cringe? Us too.
At this time every year Wellington is inundated with costumed idiots, who like to binge drink near some rugby games.
When we’ve opened during this time in the past, bar property and staff have come out much the worse for wear.

We also find that most of our usual customers (understandably) stay the hell away from the CBD.

The net effect is that our staff are put under a lot of stress, we need to repair various items and the bar takings are not sufficient to make all of this effort anywhere near worth it.

So nowadays instead of being open as usual, we think up a private event that customers wanting a pleasant idiot-free zone can come to.
Last year was X-Ale, this year is the 7’s Session.

If you’ve been to Santa Session, you’ll know how this works. We pull out bottle stock that is taking longer than it should to sell, and you get to enjoy it before it’s past best.
The 7's session will be like Santa Session, but you'll be able to choose from all of the beers available and have the entire bar to yourselves. You can relax, play cards or board games with friends, or even watch the rugby.

A ticket costs $40 and gets you a branded pint glass(yours to keep), and as many samples as is responsible.
We’ll have a special food menu available(beef chilli, vege chilli and special dumplings) , which will be available for purchase.

An extensive list of bottles will be available from the likes of Bear Republic, Green Flash, Bellerose, Baird, Nogne O, Almanac and more.

There will also be two taps to choose from, featuring some more sessionable beers.
The 7’s Session will run from 3pm-7pm
To keep the event civilised we're limiting tickets to just 40, so book your place at the bar or at soon.

(Super)Bowls of Chowder

America's biggest television event occurs on Monday, when Super Bowl XLXLCVXLX (or whatever it's up to) kicks off at midday.

We’re celebrating the big event with chowder and US beers.

Both Seattle (Seahawks) and New England (Patriots) are known for their chowder, so we’re makin’ some. On Monday lunchtime you can grab a bowl of chowder and a beer for each quarter for a special price (tbc).
We'll be opening a little early at 11.30am so you can grab a seat.


Social media was aflame yesterday when it came to light that IPONZ had once again approved a trademark on a beer style. This time, it's the term "Farmhouse."

Yep, somehow Tartan Bull Holdings' application to trademark Farmhouse slipped through IPONZ's net and the application was approved...
But luckily it was caught before it became 'registered', which would have happened on Friday.

Because it's still less than three months since the approval was published, SOBA was able to enter an opposition to the trademark ensuring it does not become registered. This was important to ensure, because once registered TM's are much harder to have revoked - as we saw with Radler.

Hopefully now the applicants will see sense and abandon their claim to Farmhouse, to leave it as a term for every New Zealand brewer and cider maker to use.


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