Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013

Wrecking Palates... Oh Lordy! Bottles!... Anzac Day Housekeeping... Darren's Back...

We understand that reading this email is strictly a work activity for many of you, so we've rushed this week's news out ahead of schedule, in the hope of catching you before you take a four day weekend.

Wrecking Palates

We're very pleased and relieved to announce that fresh stocks of many of our favourite American beers have arrived. Yes, Bear Republic Racer 5 is back! As are several other notable beers, including some Left Coast Hop Juice that's so fresh it practically walked onto the boat from California.

Most of the shipment is of beers we've had before, but there are one or two newbies, most notably Green Flash Palate Wrecker. This is another Imperial IPA from Green Flash that's only produced seasonally and is sometimes known as Hamilton's Ale. Hamilton's is the name of a legendary San Diego bar that the beer was first brewed for. Brewer Chuck Silva boasts that Palate Wrecker has been shown by testing to be 149 IBUs - and gets to that level without using hop extracts.

So we're going to make Palate Wrecker our new release next Tuesday. It will be on tap from 5pm. To increase anticipation we're holding back our bottle stocks of Palate Wrecker until then.

We have had reports of bottles of Palate Wrecker on sale in Wellington already. Need we emphasise that any bottles of Palate Wrecker that were available in New Zealand before next Tuesday have been parallel-imported with no guarantee of freshness or fair pricing? Caveat emptor.

Oh Lordy! Bottles!

The four gentlemen of Funk Estate are taking another big step towards global domination this week with the launch of bottled Oh Lordy! Pale Ale. The official launch is this Friday evening on the premises of their distributor, which is.. erm.. us! So come on down for a chance to congratulate Dylan, Shiggy, Dan and Jordan on the magnificence of their jet black beer bottles and those bottles' pale contents.

Incidentally the bottles' labels are made of very shiny black vinyl, creating the possibility of peeling the labels off and stitching them together into a gimp suit.

Anzac Day Housekeeping

Hot on the heels of Easter comes one of the other days when our opening hours are restricted. But only by an hour. So we open at 1pm tomorrow, instead of midday. Oh and we can't go past midnight tonight. Otherwise tomorrow's trading is as usual, with NO SURCHARGES. After that it's plain sailing, with no interruptions to our regular opening hours until Christmas.

Darren's Back

Darren Watson and his Underground Blues Band return this Saturday. We recommend coming early.


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