Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 18, 2013

New Snacks... New Release Tuesday... Live Music on Saturday... On Tap Now or Soon... Old Friends Back In Stock...

New Snacks

We've been inspired by the arrival of the nearby charcuterie, Big Bad Wolf. As some of you may have noticed, we've been acquiring some of their meaty offerings - specifically Chilli Venison Jerky - and offering them as a beer friendly snack. And right now, but not for long, venison has been replaced by some even more exotic Alpaca Jerky.

We're also offering beetroot pickled eggs. These are proving surprisingly popular.

New Release Tuesday

For the second week in a row we're giving ourselves a little licence when it comes to describing our 5pm Tuesday beer as a new release. Strictly speaking Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine 2011 was on tap on a few occasions, including the inaugural Pacific Beer Expo. And we understand that Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine 2012 was on tap in at least one bar once.

But on Tuesday we will host the first ever Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine Vertical On Tap. In other words, we'll put kegs from the first two batches of Tribute ever brewed on tap alongside each other. We'll offer half glasses of both vintages for a single price of $10.50.

We think that Tribute is one of Renaissance's best and a magnificent example of a style that still isn't made that often in New Zealand. And if, as predicted, it rains every day from now until Tuesday, we'll all need a suitably warming, wintry beer.

Live Music on Saturday

This Saturday the X-Ray Catz return, bringing with them the threat of public displays of dance moves.

They take the floor at 10pm on Saturday night.

On Tap Now or Soon

Nearly three years ago we served a radical new beer brewed by Joseph Wood under the name of his homebrew supply business, Liberty. That beer was called Summ!t, an Imperial IPA hopped mainly with the US Summit hop. Summit is famous for imparting a "garlic and onion" character which sounds terrible but turns out to be uncannily delicious. We secured as much of the batch as we could and sold it quickly and have been Liberty's biggest customer (and now distributor!) ever since.

In Liberty's repertoire Summ!t has been superseded by C!tra, but for many of us Summ!it remains the one true Imperial IPA. Joe brewed a batch of it on his small brewery before leaving New Plymouth and we have a keg of that beer on tap now.

Speaking of nano-breweries located in a North Island provincial city, some of you may remember an amber ale served at the Pacific Beer Expo last year from new Tauranga brewery Fitzpatrick's. After a slowdown in production due to a sports injury to brewer Craig Fitzpatrick, they're back with a new Pale Ale, that should go on tap next week.

Right now we're pouring Mout & Mocca, an intense, coffee-infused, 11% Imperial Stout from De Molen. When that gets drained it will be replaced by our final keg from last year's extraordinary Pumking by New York State's Southern Tier. There will be more extravagant beers coming from Southern Tier in a while - maybe July.

A rare keg of Nøgne Ø's lemon rind-y Witbier will be on the wheat beer tap soon.

Old Friends Back in Stock

Stocks of certain iconic American beers have been running dangerously low lately, and it's been some time since we've had Bear Republic Racer 5 on tap. Barring industrial action at the wrong port, this will all be put right soon.


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