Thursday, May 26, 2016

May 26th, 2016

Learn To Count with Rogue Ales

If you've been hanging out for some new Oregonian beers, your wait is almost over.

Arriving in Wellington today is a container load of beer fresh  from Rogue, Pelican and Gigantic. Including Rogue's exciting new numbered series of IPAs and a couple of huge beers from Gigantic.
The elves down at Beer Without Borders need a few days to prepare the bottles for sale in New Zealand (ie. put a tiny sticker on thousands of bottles), so we should have a fridge update next week.
In the meantime, we've planned a new tasting two weeks from now to show off this most recent arrival.

Rogue's numbered IPA series is begging for a vertical tasting, and it is our pleasure to oblige on Wednesday June 8th.
The series features different combinations of Rogue's proprietary hop varieties grown at their own hop garden. Namely: Revolution, Rebel, Newport, Independent, Alluvial, Freedom, Liberty and Yaquina. The beers increase in strength as well as hop varieties, with the session 4 Hop IPA  up to the Imperial 8 Hop IPA.
We're throwing in Rogue's 19 Colonies mead, because it's interesting and has a number in it.
Also featured in the tasting will be three new beers from Gigantic.
There's Holy Oak, a bourbon barrel aged sour ale made in collaboration with Magic Rock from the U.K.
The Business is a straight up 6% pale ale using British malts and plenty of U.S. hops. And we've finally gotten a hold of Gigantic's legendary 8 hour boil barley wine: Massive!

Here's the full list:
  • Rogue 4 Hop IPA
  • Rogue 6 Hop IPA
  • Rogue 7 Hop IPA
  • Rogue 8 Hop IPA
  • Rogue 19 Colonies mead
  • Gigantic The Business Pale Ale
  • Gigantic /Magic Rock Holy Oak Boubon Sour
  • Gigantic MASSIVE! barley wine
The tasting happens at 6pm on Wednesday the 8th of June, and will only set you back $40.
You can book you place at cultbeerstore now, or over the bar next time you're in.

Get Your Gose On!

The Freigeist beers seemed to go down a treat at last week's launch - but I was in Melbourne and missed out.
I guess it's lucky for me that this Saturday's bottle pour is a trio of Freigeist Gose - what a coincidence!

Freigeist make several versions of their Geisterzug Gose (a Gose being a salty, sour wheat beer), and we've got bottles of three: Geisterzug OriginalGeisterzug with Quince and Geisterzug with Rhubarb.

"Based on a recipe dating back at least six hundred years, this is Freigeist’s quirky version of the nearly-extinct traditional sour beer of Leipzig. “Geisterzug” (“Ghost Train”) spruced gose is unusually complex, funky, and full-bodied, the perfect modern-day medieval German ale."

This Saturday you can try a 200ml flight of each Geisterzug for $17 - thats the price of one bottle! Geek out with us and compare the quinced and rhubarbed versions to the original.

Come on down from midday Saturday and get your gose on! (while stocks last)

Licorice is the new Coriander

The final NRT beer from Danish To Øl in their second NZ shipment is a Witbier with an adjunct usually reserved for stouts and porters.

Wit Is The New Black is a 6% Belgian style witbier, but replaces the usual coriander seed and citrus zest with licorice root and Australian hops.

"The use of liquorice gives the beer a bitter-sweet, almost anise like flavour as well as some colour, and we dry hopped it with Vic Secret and Ella to add a subtle sweet fruit flavour to balance it out."

​​​​​​​We're tapping Wit Is The New Black at 5pm this Tuesday, wear something colourful!

Øops, Nearly Forgot

In all of last week's German excitement I forgot to mention the other European new arrivals that came in on the same shipment.

Some new gems from the Danish To Øl are now gracing our fridge, ready for your enjoyment.

Back in stock is the people's choice from the To Øl  tasting: Gose to Hollywood - Orange Gose.

Then we've got three new barrel aged beers: Peardon My French continues To Øl's puntastic naming tradition, and is a Saison aged in Sauternes barrels with pears. This one comes in a sexy 750ml bottle, great for sharing.

There's also the White Wine Barrel Aged Snowball saison, and a bourbon barrel aged version of To Øl's massive 10.1% ABV coffee stout: Goliat.
All great beers to sup with friends in the warm basement on a cold Autumn weekend.


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