Thursday, February 25, 2016

February 25th, 2016

App Facelift

Our Android app started off as a labour of love by one of our best regulars, Robin Sheat. He build a brilliant app that shows what's on tap and in the fridge whenever you want it, and will even notify you when new beers come on tap.

He did this all off his own back, and we're incredibly grateful. Robin recently moved overseas and another regular - James began collaborating with Robin on updating the app. Again, just for the love of beer.

So we were stoked when last week our Android app got a beautiful makeover to bring its visuals more in line with Google's new Material Design.

The update is live in the Play Store now if yours hasn't updated it yet, or you can download it here now.

Thanks Robin and James!

Superbad is a Tasty Beverage

"You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?"
-Jules Winnfield
If you pay attention to our Facebook events, you would have been expecting an exciting double header New Release Tuesday next week...
Unfortunately the shipment containing both Almanac Mandarina and Wakatu sours has been delayed, and likely won't arrive in time for Tuesday.

Luckily we have a backup plan - in the form of Gigantic Superbad Coffee Imperial Stout.

Only two kegs of Superbad made it into the country in January's Oregon shipment, making this a rare chance to try it on tap.
Superbad is a big-ass 9% imperial stout with oats, blended with local Portland Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. 

Cold brew coffee is a great way of making coffee beers, as the cold extraction gets the more aromatic aspects of coffee into your beer while avoiding the harshness.
But the label gets pretty funky with the description:
"This beer's got somethin' that'll make you wanna shout. Got somethin' that tells you what it's all about. It's got soul and it's superbad. Tastes so nice, gonna make you jump back, wanna kiss yourself!"
We may have to play some James Brown on Tuesday...
Superbad makes its tap debut at 5pm this Tuesday, we've just got the one keg so make sure you get on down.

Jazzy Mosh Pit

We're getting a little heavier than usual this Saturday, with Reuben Bradley's Death Hos jazz metal.

Featuring the music of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Steely Dan and Band of Gypsies. Music will be stretched apart and extemporised upon.

We've got Daniel Hayles on Keys, Nick Tipping on Bass and of course, Reuben Bradley on Drums.

The Death Hos kick off at 9.30pm this Saturday, and won't cost you a thing. So why not come on down for a bit of beer, jazz and maybe even a mosh.

Fresh From the West

Don't forget. we've got a tasting on Wednesday the 9th of March at 6pm of some exciting new beers arriving oon from the West Coast of the States.

We'll be tasting the following beers:

- Speakeasy Popgun Pilsner - German Pilsner in a can, brewed in San Fran (4.7%)
- Modern Times Funky Universal Friend W/ Pinot Noir - Brett Saison with Pinot Noir Must (7.2%)
- Modern Times Funky Universal Friend W/ Pinot Grigio - Brett Saison with Pinot Grigio Must (7.2%)
- Modern Times Mega Fortunate Islands - Imperial Hoppy Wheat Ale (8%)
- Karl Strauss Six Suits A-Hangin' - Belgian Brown aged in French oak barrels (8.5%)
- Modern Times Devil's Teeth - Imperial Stout/Old Ale with Coffee (10%)
- Almanac Truthful Statement - Dark Sour Ale Age in Bourbon Barrels with Cherries (9%)

Secure your spot in the tasting now at cultbeerstore, or over the bar next time you're in


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