Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 28th, 2016

Munter Halloween?

After years of decline it looks as though the annual celebration of getting drunk in a costume near some rugby 7's is finally dying.
This year's abysmal ticket sales has enabled us to avoid the traditional locking of the doors, and this weekend we'll be open as normal.
Our door staff have strict instructions to deny entry to costumed idiots - so even if there are some wasted Where's Wallys around they won't be in HZ.

Think of us as your safe haven from the 7's zombie apocalypse.

New Release Tuesday: Coronado Coconado

It might seem counter intuitive, but in many arid parts of the world stouts are the main choice of beer drinkers. So Summer must be the perfect time of year to drink big, rich, dark imperial stouts right?

Luckily for us Beer Without Borders' lastest US shipment contained a one-off imperial milk stout from Coronado, cleverly named Coconado.

A little confusion arose from the research around this beer, as many websites list it as an 'imperial chocolate milk stout' and others just as 'imperial milk stout'.
Judging by the keg ring, we're fairly certain this one has cocoa and lactose added. Online reviews seem to back that up, agreeing that it's big, rich and sweet:
"Full bodied, rich, and warm toasty chocolate flavors finished with a sweet-clean roasted smoothness."

We're tapping our keg of Coconado this Tuesday at 5pm, let's hope for a hot sunny day...

San Fran Superbowl L

The teams have been selected and the hype train is at full speed in the lead up to the clash of the Denver Broncos & Carolina Panthers, in the historical 50th Super Bowl on Monday Feb 8th (NZ time).
The 8th is also a public holiday so you won't even have to skip work this year! We'll have the game showing from midday, with all the sound and commentary from the game and more importantly - the half time show.

Usually we'd try and find some beer from one of the team's home state, but we don't have any beer from Colorado (yet...) or North Carolina.
So we're focusing on the venue instead, with San Franciscan beers and food to enjoy along with the game.

We'll be tapping a keg of the wonderful Almanac Saison de Brettaville, which will be matched with the seafood stew Cioppino. Apparently "Cioppino" is a traditional San Franciscan seafood stew, something I'd never heard of 'till Google told us about it. It'll be rich and full of fish, prawns, scallops etc.
If meat aint your thing, our resident vegan American Tori has discovered a brilliant 'murican vegetarian option: BBQ Pulled Jackfruit buns. Think pulled pork buns, but not pork. We'll be matching these with Speakeasy Baby Daddy IPA, another SF native brew.

We'll have a special combo price for these beer/food matches.


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