Thursday, May 29, 2014

May 29th, 2014

Mecha Umami Truck

This Saturday we host two new experimental beers from Garage Project - Umami Monster & Mecha Hop. These were launched last weekend at Melbourne's Great Australasian Beer Spectapular festival.

I've actually just returned from said festival, where I was helping the organisers by looking after brewery stalls. Being able to go to all of the festival sessions gave me time to get around a few of the breweries - including Garage Project. After tasting the two new beers, I can say you'll be in for a flavour experience.

I predict Umami Monster will be as divisive a beer as Rex Attitude, with flavours unlike you've experienced in beer before. Some will get it, others will despise it. We'll be serving Umami in a small glass (300ml) or a really small glass (150ml).

Although Mecha Hop is made using 100% extract, I'm informed by Garage Project that they went very out of their way to source the finest malt extract from the US, and even got experimental Warrior, Simcoe and Amarillo hop extract.

The end result is an amazingly resinous imperial IPA, incredibly bitter but still well balanced. At 10% this one will only be coming in a half glass.

We've received the menu from the Fire Truck food truck, which plays on the umami theme - plenty of soy and seaweed

From 3.30pm the truck will be serving:

- BBQ Goat with brussel sprouts, pear, kelp and rosemary with Anchovy mayonnaise

- Pulled pork shoulder with soy pickled mushrooms, adzuki beans and poached quince

- Smoked fish with celeriac, mandarin, toasted nori puree and mint

With the two beers on tap from midday, and amazing fire truck food from 3.30 Don't miss this spectapular afternoon.

The Brown Burn

I also got a wee sample of Liberty's offering for GABS: Brown Burn Chilli Brown Ale - which just so happens to be our next beer for New Release Tuesday.

Brown Burn combines brewer Jo Wood’s love of hops, malt and chilli in one beer. It is an American Brown ale, infused with some of the hottest chilli peppers in the world with scary names like Trinidad Scorpion and Naga Jolokia. The beer shows the classic hoppy-yet-toasty american brown aromas and flavours, but once its in your mouth the burn kicks in strongly.

I'd place the heat level below his previous chilli beers, but it's certainly not for the faint hearted.

Come down at 5pm this Tuesday to feel the burn.

'52 Special

This Saturday head on down for some free, authentic good-time '50s rockabilly with rising star Chris Armour and Tony Mad & Spike of The X-Ray Catz!

Catch this high-energy, feel-good gig for free from 10pm this Saturday in our lounge.

That 'ol Shine

Our whisky list has recently undergone a little revamp, courtesy of our resident whisky lover Richard.

He's replaced a few, and added a few exciting new Scotch, Japanese and even Kiwi whiskies.

New on the list are: Thomson Two Tone (NZ), Ichiro's Malt: The Peated (3yo peaty japanese whisky), Aberlour A'Bundah (cask strength sherry barrel finished), GlenDronach Revival (15yo sherry barrel finished) & Adelphi Blended which becomes our new house pour whisky.


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