Thursday, April 24, 2014

April 24th, 2014

ANZAC & Footy

As Rebecca Black would say, it’s Friday!

With tomorrow being ANZAC day, we have to delay opening till 1pm. In the ANZAC spirit, we’ll be showing the traditional Collingwood vs Essendon match from 4.30pm followed by the Wellington match between St. Kilda and Brisbane.

On tap will be our last keg from Aussie - the brilliant Lobethal Double Hop IPA!


Hopstock is in full swing, and Dale’s Fresh Hop Pale Ale is flowing readily from our taps.

I’m very impressed with the FHPA, it shows off the wet Nelson Sauvin and Waimea hops with a huge perfumey aroma and crazy fruity taste.

It’s popularity means this beer will probably run out on Saturday night, so make sure you get in this weekend!

Beer-y Spirits

It’s been a good week for beer-y spirits. Just in from Nelson is Liquid Alchemy’s ‘Fresh Hop Gin’ - made using freshly picked Motueka hops as a botanical.

They reckon this is a world first, as gins have used hops before, but not wet hops straight from the vine. The aroma from the wet hops is very apparent, and the fruity character comes through very nicely in a gin and tonic.

In other beer-spirit news, Mikkeller has just won a double gold medal for their Rum Cask Distilled Black Whiskey. This is the 18%abv ‘Black’ imperial stout which has been distilled up to 43% and then aged in rum casks.

We just so happen to have both of these beery spirits available over the bar at the moment… Your move...

'Murica Music

Like a lot of our beer, this Saturday’s music act comes all the way from the US.

New York City based guitarist Sam Blakelock is quickly becoming recognised as one of New Zealand’s brightest young musical talents. Blakelock Melds influences of jazz, rock and funk and joins Scott Maynard and Shaun Anderson in the lounge this Saturday. Catch em in the lounge from 10pm this Saturday! For Free!

Release the Monks!

Mikkeller is back for New Release Tuesday with another big ass Belgian ale.

This time it’s Monk’s Elixir, a quadrupel style beer inspired by the monks of Rochefort and Westvleteren. This Belgian beast weighs in at 10% so we’ll only be serving small glasses. It's ranked in the top 20 quadrupels in the world on, so make sure you check it out on tap this Tuesday!

Weird & Wonderful De Molen

Our most recent shipment from Dutch brewery De Molen contained some very interesting beers which tended towards the strong, dark, barrel aged or sour variety. In some cases, all of the above.

However, De Molen are known for having 'minimalist' labels. Two foreign words separated by an ampersand doesn't always effectively convey the exciting beer within. So before we stock these new exciting beers, we're holding a tasting to raise the profile of De Molen's latest beers and give people a better idea of the world class beer behind those plain labels.

The tasting is at 6pm on May 14th and costs only $35! We'll be serving EIGHT beers from De Molen ranging from 6.2% - 15.2%. There's only 30 spots available, so check out the lineup and buy tickets at or at the bar!


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