Thursday, May 9, 2013

May 9, 2013

Sauvignon Bomb... Sonic Delusion... Death and Beer... Sex and Beer...

Sauvignon Bomb

Apparently Liberty brewery have never before put out a beer that is an all New Zealand IPA. This is a slight surprise, but one that will be corrected with next Tuesday's New Release. It's Sauvignon Bomb, made with local hops and malts. Joseph Wood is even hinting that the yeast is somehow indigenous - and at the same time "reputable".

Described as "balanced... with juicy tropical notes and some fairly savage tongue coating oily bitterness", the beer goes on tap at 5pm on Tuesday. Please note that, for now at least, Sauvignon Bomb is strictly a small batch beer and won't be turning up on supermarket shelves in the near future.

Sonic Delusion

We host touring act Sonic Delusion on Saturday night. Consisting of singer, songwriter, guitarist and loop artist Andre Manella and, on Saturday anyway, no-one else, Sonic Delusion "uses a loop pedal to record snapshots of sound, artfully layering them into the weave of the song." The complimentary entertainment starts in the Lounge at 10pm.

Speaking of live music, we'll be hosting a little extra music next month as part of the Wellington Jazz Festival. Details are at

Death and Beer

Tuesday was a revelation for us here at Hashigo Zake. We’ll forever be grateful to the country’s leader for pointing out that the noisy construction going on across the road is not of an apartment block but a mausoleum, those aren’t real jobs at Xero, Trademe, Flexitime and Ninjaflower that our customers are coming from when we see them, the beer being made by ParrotDog, Garage Project, Yeastie Boys and Funk Estate is purely for consumption at funerals and wakes and that liquid filling the gutters on Monday morning wasn’t rainfall but DEATH. There we were feeling sorry for Aucklanders and all they had to put up with, such as.. ahem.. each other, when in fact we were the ones on the wrong side of the pitying!

It’s time to rectify things, so with little further ado we shall be moving our corporate headquarters to Queen Street, our warehouse to Otara and our call centre to North Korea. Hashigo Zake as we know it will remain open with a skeleton - or perhaps zombie - staff, serving meths by the pint to those unlucky enough to own Wellington property that they can’t sell.

It’s a pity because we were just starting to make progress on our plans for 2013’s Beer Week. There have been signs that the week in August that includes the Brewers Guild Awards and Beervana may finally be evolving into a proper season of beer-related events, with some coordination coming from the Brewers Guild and hints that we might not be the only other venue promoting events.

So if Wellington hasn’t been euthanised by August we encourage everyone reading this to make themselves available for as much of the week of August 4-10 as possible. We’ll be making more announcements soon.

Sex and Beer

Finally, is there anyone out there who hasn't listened to our own Shiggy discussing Funk Estate's formulation for stimulating night time exercise? The video is highly recommended, if not for the brewers' views on horizontal jogging, then for the montage of hilariously phallic imagery.


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