Saturday, July 21, 2018

July 19, 2018

Smash 'n' GABS III

As is now tradition we smuggled a couple of operatives in to various editions of the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular. They diligently tasted their way through a lot of the beers, and managed to remember some of them. They reported back with various drunken ramblings and snapchats of a brass band playing Sweet Caroline. 

Upon their return they were debriefed and the necessary information extracted from Untappd and sent off to a code breaking unit for deciphering. The 8 top beers were found and procured for your drinking pleasure, we will be tapping them all from midday TOMORROW. Oh, yes we WILL be doing flights $48 for 200ml of each beer.

Hot off the press, Newtowns favourite sons Good Boy Sammies will be taking over our kitchen and firing out their delicious sandwiches from 5pm  
Meat Option:
Roast Chicken
Morrocan BBQ Relish
Preserved Lemon Mayo


Vegetarian Option

Charred Broccoli 
Morrocan BBQ Relish
Preserved Lemon Mayo

Winner winner Chicken sandwich dinner.

Tasting! Rescheduled

Those of you who made it to last nights tasting no doubt left with a little rosy glow in your cheeks, and a brief glimpse of the calibre of beers in store for next week's tasting (hint there are THREE Almanac sours). Tickets are still available online and over the bar. 

Ales From the Crypt - July 25th **NEW DATE**

"You may have noticed a couple of recent developments here at Hashigo Zake including the big new fridge and shelving in the Red Room. 

This is the new physical home of the Cult Beer Store and houses what might be the craziest range of high end beers in town."

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of Beervana

We are thrilled to once again be part of Road to Beervana. This year we are hosting a Brewers Breakfast...

We have decided to combine the elements of beer with elements of breakfast.

We present the Brewers breakfast.

  • Spent Grain Granola
  • Beer cured, house smoked bacon
  • Ale Yeast Leavened Waffles
  • Bogota Espresso Scotch Ale - Urbanaut
  • Kopi Loewak Stout 2013 Vintage - Brouwerij De Molen
  • A new exclusive beer launch
  • Breakfast inspired Tap list
  • Unlimited Coffee/Hot wort/Hopped Tea
  • Saturday morning cartoons
  • Good Times.

Tickets are available here. There are only 12 seats per session so get in quick.

Pacific Beer Expo

After last weeks bombshell news, we have begun planning something of a mini festival to replace PBE this year, we are still firming up the details but we will have an official announcement ready by this time next week. So we ask you to bear with us just a little while longer. 



On Tap Now

  • Liberty x Hallertau - Matakana Oyster Stout - Imperial Oyster Stout
  • Altitude x Renaissance - Geen Hops Nodig - Gruit
  • Sawmill - XPA - Extra Pale Ale
  • Beer Baroness - Lady Danger - Red IPA
  • Brothers Beer - Peach - Peach Golden Ale
  • Beer Baroness - Rye-ot Grrl - Rye IPA
  • Renaissance - Craftsman - Chocolate Oatmeal Stout
  • Renaissance - Paradox - Pilsner
  • Eddies - Boysenberry - Cider
  • Sawmill - Farmhouse - Kviek with Juniper + Mandarin
  • Beer Baroness - Lady Danger - Red IPA (handpull)


New Release Tuesday 

We unfortunately don't have a new release this Tuesday, We don't want you getting too spoiled. We will, however, have a stellar (as usual) tap line up for to come down and enjoy, and if you are lucky, there might even be some GABS beers left over. 

To tide you over in the mean time here is some beer related absurdity from Back Channel Brewing in Minnesota 


Saturday Sports & All That Jazz

This Saturday we welcome Ol' King Cole to the Hashigo Stage 

Ol’ King Cole” brings you the hits of the great Nat ‘King’ Cole, & his trio. Performing the sounds of many other great tunes & artists of his era & more!

Ol’ King Cole are a Wellington based Jazz trio lead by Piano/Vocalist, Louis Thompson-Munn. The drumless trio perform music inspired by the great Nat ‘King’ Cole and other artists of his era, specifically with a focus on Nat’s early trio which ran from 1943 – 1950.  The trio includes Tom Botting (Tom Botting Quintet) on double bass, and Callum Allardice (The Jac) on guitar. A brilliant, lively performance is always a guarantee with the spirit of the old house band alive, before TVs in bars and when people would dance the night away! 

Here's a brief sample

As ever our live entertainment is free, the band starts at 10:30pm. 

Prior to that we will be screening Crusaders vs Sharks at 7:35pm in the Super Rugby Quarter Finals. (we will also be screening the Hurricanes vs the Chiefs on Friday)

Hashigo Zake Cult Film Basement

You can probably already guess that this weeks film was a commercial flop....It's a cult film that's just what they do. But guess what? It also won a bunch awards at Indie Film Festivals all over the place. Solidifying it's Cult status. If that wasn't enough, It also suffered a remake in 2008 (0% on rotten tomatoes, so.....future cult film right there, you heard it here first)

Long Weekend is an Aussie horror focussing on a married couple and their dog disrespecting nature, until nature has enough...

"My premise was that Mother Earth has her own auto-immune system, so when humans start behaving like cancer cells, She attacks. I also wanted to avoid a JAWS like critter film. I wanted the Long Weekend beasties to all be benign-looking and not overtly aggressive"

So, horror movie for hippies? possibly, A huge a mount of fun for free on a Sunday night? definitely.

Grab a beer, some hop salted popcorn and relax in front of our newish Hashigozcope™ screen.


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