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July 12, 2018

Smash 'n' GABS III

As is now tradition we smuggled a couple of operatives in to various editions of the Great Australasian Beer Spectapular. They diligently tasted their way through a lot of the beers, and managed to remember some of them. They reported back with various drunken ramblings and snapchats of a brass band playing Sweet Caroline. 

Upon their return they were debriefed and the necessary information extracted from Untappd and sent off to a code breaking unit for deciphering. The 8 top beers were found and procured for your drinking pleasure, we will be tapping them all from midday on Friday 20th July. 

Tastings! Back With A Bang Bang

Clear your diary.

Beer Without Borders is coming back atcha, like Celopatra, from the crypt....with ales.

Ales From the Crypt - July 25th **NEW DATE**

"You may have noticed a couple of recent developments here at Hashigo Zake including the big new fridge and shelving in the Red Room. 

This is the new physical home of the Cult Beer Store and houses what might be the craziest range of high end beers in town." The Mother Of All Tastings - July 18th 

Yep. Not one but TWO tastings of EPIC proportions. The beer lists are insane, most of which will be your last chance to try some of these beers in New Zealand, or any where else for that matter. The sensible among you are best heading STRAIGHT here, and saving yourself $10 which you can spend probably. 

This is definitley one of the most exciting and wide ranging tastings we have ever hosted. Get in quick. 

Tickets are flying out the door so don't spend your time umm-ing and ahh-ing. There are Limited seats available. tickets are available HERE

Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of Beervana

We are thrilled to once again be part of Road to Beervana. This year we are hosting a Brewers Breakfast...

We have decided to combine the elements of beer with elements of breakfast.

We present the Brewers breakfast.

Spent Grain Granola

Beer cured, house smoked bacon

Ale Yeast Leavened Waffles

Bogota Espresso Scotch Ale - Urbanaut

Kopi Loewak Stout 2013 Vintage - Brouwerij De Molen

A new exclusive beer launch

Breakfast inspired Tap list

Unlimited Coffee/Hot wort/Hopped Tea

Saturday morning cartoons

Good Times.

Tickets are available here. There are only 12 seats per session so get in quick.

Pacific Beer Expo

The next Pacific Beer Expo will take place on October 26 and 27, 2019. No that isn’t a typo and you didn’t read it wrong. 2019.

Since the 2017 Pacific Beer Expo we’ve been grappling with the bombshell that holding an event at the same venue on the same weekend in 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 somehow didn’t get us first right of refusal for a 2018 booking.
We’re dedicated to sticking to Labour weekend for this event and we can’t imagine holding it anywhere other than the Boatshed and Wellington Rowing Club. (Actually we did hold it somewhere else once and the event was fine, but just not what we wanted it to be.

So this Labour Weekend we’ll do something a little different. It won't be the Pacific Beer Expo and it won't be at Wellington's best events venue. We’ll say more about that next week.

In the meantime, we ask that anyone who has put PBE in their diary for Labour Weekend this year, puts a line through that and instead writes in an entry for October 26 and 27 (the Saturday and Sunday of Labour Weekend) 2019.

On Tap Now

  • Hallertau - Heart Beet Kraut Gose - Beetroot Kraut Gose
  • Kereru - Imperial Nibs - Cacao, Vanilla and Coconut Imperial Stout
  • Deep Creek - Pineapple Express - Single Hopped IPA (El Dorado)
  • Hallertau - Stuntman - Imperial IPA
  • Brother Beer -Pale - Pale Ale
  • Deep Creek - Coromandel Gold - Single Hop IPA (Azacca)
  • Graphic Brewing - My City Is On Fire - Smoked Porter
  • Eddies - Boysenberry - Cider
  • Tiamana - The HIps - Rosehip Saison
  • The Laboratory - First Crack - Coffee Vanilla Porter (handpull)
For those of you unaware we can now download our custom designed app from the WindowsGoogle Play and  App store

New Release Tuesday 

OK, we really are spoiling you guys now....

This weeks new release is a very rare occurrence. A double release of 'Farmhouse' inspired beers and even more of an opportunity to geek out than usual, because of the unusual nature of the two beers we will be tapping. 

The first comes to us from Sawmill by way of Norway, specifically Voss, a remote mountainous region in the countries south west. It was here that beer blogger and general nerd Lars Marius Garshol discovered a brewing scene that had been untouched by modern brewing and practically unchanged in hundreds of years, central to it all was the yeast or Kveik, which was handed down from generation to generation. These yeast strains behave in a way that is WILDLY different to standard yeasts. Regular ale yeasts will ferment happiest in the 18c-28c range and take a couple of weeks to ferment. Kveik Is happiest at around 33c and can ferment a beer in a couple of days. More about this can be read here.

So Sawmill have created what appears to be a fairly tradition Norweigan Farmhouse ale, starting with a juniper infusion and fermenting with a traditional yeast strain, they then decided to compliment the spicy Orange character of the Kveik by adding mandarin. 

This is sure to be an interesting beer.

Our second new release is a collaboration between Altitude Brewing and Renaissance. They decided that world needs more Gruit.  So they created Geen Hops Nodig. or No Hops Needed.

Gruit is another ancient ale style that was popular before hops really took hold, Originating in and around an area that is today covered by the Netherlands, Belgium and northern Germany, it commonly used herbs and spices such as Bog Mrtyle, Yarrow, Sweet Gale and Horehound to bitter and flavour the beer. 

Altitude and Renaissance have decided on using Juniper and Lavender, but they didn't stop there to keep an air of (possible) authenticity about it, the brewed a Strong Belgian Golden Ale, soured a portion and then blended them together before ageing it in a chardonnay barrel with peaches and nectarines for four months.

Yeah. For a little more info on the history of hops check out Martyn Cornells blog the Zythophile

So there we have it. Two Kiwi breweries putting modern spins on the oldest beer styles. 

See you at 5pm on Tuesday

Downtown Funk & Fireworks

Was a name ever settled upon for the whale? What ever he was called he's apparently departed the harbour which means that the annual Matariki Firework display will likely be this Saturday evening. 

Post outdoor fireworks we will have the NIck Granville Trio bringing musical fireworks to the HZ stage. Expect funky sweaty dance grooves combined with highly charged re-imaginings of work by James Brown, Michael Jackson, Santana, and Stevie Wonder.

As ever our live entertainment is free, the band starts at 10:30pm. 

Hashigo Zake Cult Film Basement

"I had five pupils..." "it's up there with "Wax on.....Wax Off..." when it comes to Martial arts film quotes. Except only one of these movies ranked number 11 on Entertainment Weeklys top 50 Cult Films list. 

This weeks movie is Five Deadly Venoms. If you know what it is you know you will be at Hashigo Zake at 7pm this Sunday, If you don't know what it is do your self a HUGE favour and come down to Hashigo Zake at 7pm this Sunday. Seriously... Toad style Kung Fu, need I say more?

Grab a beer, some hop salted popcorn and relax in front of our new Hashigozcope™ screen.

For those who attended last weeks interrupted screening of The American Astronaut, we'd like to once again extend our apologies. To make up for it we will be re-screening the film on MONDAY night at 7pm.

Last News Item...Promise

Still with us? good.

It is our pleasure to announce our fourth collaboration with New Zealand’s pre-eminent photographer of the brewing industry, Jed Soane. We hosted exhibitions of Jed’s work at Hashigo Zake during what was known as “Choice Beer Week” in 2012 and 2013. The 2013 edition focussed on the explosion of Wellington breweries that were appearing at the time. Then in 2016 we featured Jed’s work at the Pacific Beer Expo.

With so much growth in the number and scale of Wellington’s breweries since his 2013 exhibition, Jed has been setting out to make a visual record of that growth.

We’re looking forward to providing a venue to showcase the results of that work.
This news is so fresh that we haven’t finalised exact dates yet, but they will more or less coincide with next month’s Road To Beervana.

Jed's work can be seen at



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