Thursday, September 6, 2018

September 6, 2018

Tax Evasion

Hamilton’s Brewaucracy continue to come up with on-brand beer names. And we think that the beer lives up to the hype too, which is just as well given how outspoken Greig and Phil have  been as beer judges and critics over  the years.

Tax Evasion is their new 2.5% table beer. It goes on tap at 5pm on Tuesday.


On Sunday our the Cult Movie Basement screens a classic of the movement that has become known as Ozploitation. (Apparently Quentin Tarantino is a big Ozploitation fan.)

The film is 1986’s Fortress. It features Rachel Ward, who has had her share of notable roles, but may be best remembered for adjusting Steve Martin’s willy in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid.

Fortress is described here as “a strange and sometimes sinister antidote to US thrillers of the same period.”

Be warned that if you go searching for an Australian movie called Fortress you might end up with a US/Australian action/sci-fi flick of the same name. Don’t settle for imitation Ozploitation.

Fortress screens at the customary time of 7pm on Sunday.

On Tap Now

  • Abandoned IIPA
  • Kereru Big Pigeon Pilsner
  • Deep Creek Black Doris Berliner
  • Deep Creek Double IPA
  • Kereru Imperial Nibs
  • Iwate Kura Japanese Herb Ale Sansho
  • Far Yeast Brewing Company Kagua Citrus Saison
  • Kereru Moonless Stout (handpump)
  • Graphic My City is on Fire
  • Boneface Shake Your Blood
We acquired a few kegs that were brought over from Japan for the recent Beervana festival. Two are on tap now and highly recommended. There’s a delicate, yuzu-infused Saison by Far Yeast, called Kagua Citrus Saison.

Another is, or was, something of a mystery beer. It certainly isn’t the Nasu Kohgen Scottish Ale that we were expecting and seeing “Sansho” written in kanji on the keg cap (plus the spicy character) has convinced us that it’s Iwate Kura’s Japanese Herb Ale Sansho.

Still to come from these festival overstayers are a couple of IPAs by the new rock stars of Japanese brewing – TDM 1874 - and another from Iwate Kura that is called Takata No Yume. Apparently the name refers to a variety of rice that is used in the beer, but there are strong hints out there that it has yuzu and ume in it.


By some accident, there's a quartet of beers on tap right now that have (or should have) Imperial in their names. Specifically:
  • Abandoned IIPA (this week’s new release)
  • Deep Creek IIPA
  • Kereru Imperial Nibs
  • Boneface Shake Your Blood Red IPA
Averaging a touch over 8% ABV, a flight of these four would make a fantastic antidote to today’s weather. However 300mls, or even 200mls, of each would lead to customers being classified binge drinkers and we couldn't have that, so this evening we’ll offer a flight of 100mls of each for $16. At least one of these four kegs should run out tonight, so this is a while-stocks-last offer.

Live Music and a Mutually Beneficial Proposition

We have live music every Saturday this month and the full schedule is below.

This Saturday Chocolate Thunder return. When Chocolate Thunder first played here it was a bit weird, as they had somehow settled on a name that was also a nickname of a very popular member of our staff. But we’ve got over that and been won over by their sensuous jazz, funk, soul and fusion maelstrom. Their words, not ours. They play from 10pm.

Now many of the subscribers to this email probably signed up because you care about beer as much as we do, or perhaps because you toil at one of the prestigious workplaces in our neighbourhood. No doubt a few of you have some interest in our live music programme. But here at Hashigo Zake HQ it worries us that the readers of this email and those looking for great live music on a Saturday night might only be slightly intersecting groups. So we have a cunning plan to reach other potential fans of our gigs.

We invite readers of this email to look around your workplaces for communal areas with places where you’re free to put up notices. If you see such a location and have an employer that doesn’t mind, we invite you to print the gig guide below, pin it up at your place of work, bring in a photo of it in situ and have a beer on us!

To make things easier, we will have a stash of printed copies here, but a late change to the lineup means they aren't ready yet.

As this is something of an experiment and we can’t give away all the beer, this offer is open to the first ten willing collaborators.

Speaking of Saturday Entertainment...

The team known as the All Blacks have two more home games this year, over the next two Saturdays. Which means we have two more opportunities to put our luxurious screening room to good use.

This Saturday the All Blacks are attempting to inject some tension into the contest with Argentina by resting a disconcerting number of first choice players. Plus it's in Nelson where the All Blacks have never beaten the Pumas.

We deliver an immersive viewing experience from 7:30. First in gets the sofa.

Rock The Cash Bar VII

It's just been, but we have already locked in a date for Wellingtons favourite music quiz, October 29th, be sure to book a table over the bar or at Rock The Cash Bar's very own facebook page, It will be frightfully good fun. Costumes are always encouraged. 


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