Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 2nd, 2015

Yoo Rah Tuh

For the second New Release Tuesday in a row we'll be featuring a Coronado collab - apparently winter was collaboration season in San Diego.

This time Coronado have teamed up with the renowned Cigar City Brewing from Tampa, Florida.

They've opted for the rarely-seen-but-usually-brilliant style of Baltic Porter for this partnership with Jurata (a nod to a mythological mermaid known to roam the depths of the Baltic Sea).

Baltic Porter is a bit of a weird one. The style originated in the Baltic states in the 18th century as a strong, syrupy dark beer with the rich roasty flavours you'd expect to see in an imperial stout. The tale goes that they made the beer stronger to prevent it from freezing when shipped.

It's also a lager.

The use of lager yeast is probably what makes Baltic porter a rare style, as cold-fermented lager yeast takes a lot longer to ferment out and condition. But if you're willing to put in the time it can give you a crisp, clean finish that is hard to emulate with ale yeast.

Thankfully Coronado and Cigar City took on the Baltic porter challenge, and according to online reviews have done a damn good job of it. You can expect "leather and licorice aromas." and flavours of "raisin and chocolate with some sherry" with "expresso notes in final" (

Clearly the beer tastes so good it knocks the ability to spell right out of you.

We'll be tapping our 20L keg of Jurata at 5pm this Tuesday.

Another US Import

On Saturday you'll be able to experience a different kind of US import. Unlike all of our other imports this one hasn't been shipped in a refrigerated container.
Freshly air-freighted to NZ and performing in our lounge this Saturday is U.S. Jazz vocalist/pianist Brenda Earl Stokes.
Brenda is visiting after touring North America and Europe in support of her latest album 'Right About Now'.

Brenda has performed at The Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, Toronto Jazz Festival, and Avery Fischer Hall as well as appearing with the likes of Wycliffe Gordon, Donny McCaslin and Maurice Hines.

Catch her with local legends Reuben Bradley (drums) and Nick Tipping (bass) from 9.30pm this Saturday.

Lord Cockswain Returns

We've managed to acquire a small amount of the rare, World Beer Cup silver medal winning Garage Project Bourbon Barrel Aged Lord Cockswain's Courage Porter.
We'll have around six 375ml bottles of BBALCCP which will be served 100ml at a time this Saturday.

This was last seen during Beervana last year on sale for a large price. We're not sure what the charge will be on the bottle pour yet, but it will be far more accessible for sure.It's first come first served, from midday this Saturday.

Hops are the new Hops

People love hops. Get used to seeing plenty of hoppy beers because that's not changing in a hurry.

Pundits are forever predicting the downfall of hoppy pale ales, but session beers, sour beers, mild ales or whatever you want to say is 'the new hops' always fails to be as popular as any IPA we have on tap.

The same is true for Craft Beer College's 'Pathway to Hoppiness' tasting, with it selling out every year.
It is guaranteed to fill up once again with the addition of head brewer/owner Mike Nielson from Upper Hut's Panhead Custom Ales in attendance to share his mastery of the aromatic flower that is humulus lupulus.

We've moved the tasting to the larger lounge room to accommodate more people, so a few spots are now open.

You can book by emailing Steph at, or online

Easter Weirdness

Two of the three and a half days we are required to close by law occur this weekend. If you're that person who elects to remain in Wellington over the long weekend, our altered trading hours are expertly explained by today's chalkboard:

All liquor outlets will be closed tomorrow and Sunday, so make sure you grab your beer supplies today. Ooh, that reminds me - don't forget that we have an off license with 20% off bar prices for takeaway bottles and reasonable rates for rigger/growler/flagon fills.


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