Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 26th, 2015

Haight Speech

Many of you have probably heard of San Francisco's Toronado bar. Toronado now exists in many U.S, cities, but the Haight St location was the original.

Toronado has been through and contributed to the entire rise of west coast brewing, and has served as an example for beer bars worldwide.

HZ is lucky to be friends with Toronado's longest serving bartenders, Paul Stanard.

Paul has been bartending at San Fransisco's beery establishments for over 20 years - so he's seen some shit. On my recent trip to SF we got a thorough 'behind the scenes' tour from Paul.

It was amazing to see how Paul was known to every bar and brewery we visited, gaining us  many impromptu tours and tastings. It was quite the day.

Denise & Paul at Magnolia Brewery
Paul happens to be on his annual Wellington visit, so we thought we'd ask him to run a tasting of some of his favourite SF brewed beers that we stock, along with some of his favourite NZ beers.

So if you're free this Tuesday (March 3), come on down and join us.

Expect beer from Speakeasy, Almanac and Bear Republic and an abundance of opinions and war stories from craft beer’s frontline.

Even better, this entertaining evening of beer tasting will only cost you $25. To book your place head to or hit up one of our lovey bartenders.

Feijoa is Weird.

Last week I mentioned that 8 Wired's Wild Feijoa is finally in bottles. Unfortunately the nature of barrel aged sour beers means a bottle is not what you'd call 'cheap and accessable'.

But that's exactly what Bottle Pour Saturday is for.
So if you're not sure if you're keen on the weird taste of feijoa, or can't convince your mates to split one with you, this Saturday we'll be doing a 150ml bottle pour for $7.50.


The Rhinos always get people moving when they play the HZ lounge.
Their combination of Jazz-funk fusion mixed with live samples from DJ Uncle Silverback create some amazingly fun tunes.
They're once again playing in our lounge this Saturday at 9.30pm, with no door charge as usual.

Fear Is Your Only God

Perhaps to make up for their tiny batch size, Adroit Theory do everything else big.

Their names, for example, do not just describe the beer but the attitude you should have while drinking it.

The name Fear Is Your Only God perhaps implies we should fear this imperial saison, because Adroit Theory have managed to push this quenching Belgian style ale to 8.6%.

To prevent riots this we'll only be serving it up in 300ml glasses when it hits our taps for the first time at 5pm this Tuesday.


The Black Caps have possibly the best chance ever to take the title at the world cup this year.

If you care about that sort of thing, and don't have a 'test-matches-are-the-only-real-form-of-cricket' kinda attitude you'll be please to know we're making good use of our Sky Sports subscription.

We'll be showing all world cup matches (except when there's two on simultaneously) on the Red Room tele, so you can enjoy some civilised sport with delicious civilised beer in a civilised environment.

Save The Date

A quick heads up, that something Wild And a little Woolly from Mt. Cook will be taking over four of our taps for the first time on Thursday March 12th. Make sure you can come along.


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