Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

Adam Page and The Counts... Double Day of the Dead... De Molen and Amager... On Tap Now or Soon...

Adam Page and The Counts

Our four week residency by Adam Page and The Counts continues on Saturday evening at 10pm. Last Saturday, as promised, the live music in the Lounge made little difference to those in the Red Room, so those less interested in the music need not agonise about whether listening is obligatory. It's just recommended.

Double Day of the Dead

Garage Project enjoyed their Auckland launch on Tuesday, when the great and the good from the Auckland craft beer scene (yes they exist) came out in force at Galbraith's to try the four beers that they've brewed at Three Boys prior to installing their own new brewery. One of those was Double Day of the Dead, the amplified version of November's Day of the Dead, which, some of you will remember, was one of the 24/24 programme's biggest triumphs.

As we hinted last week, most of this batch of Double Day of the Dead ended up in Australia, as strange as that must seem. Auckland's allocation was snapped up on Tuesday and Wellington's will be on tap with us from 5pm on Friday evening.

De Molen and Amager

Our tasting of De Molen and Amager beers takes place on June 20. This is a pretty momentous tasting, we feel, as until now we've been deprived of many of the great contemporary European breweries (except, of course, for Mikkeller and Nøgne Ø). So the inner beer geeks that are hidden deep within Hashigo Zake's personnel are actually quite excited.

Full details and the chance to book are at:

To get everyone fully in the mood we're going to preview one of two De Molen beers in next week's New Release Tuesday slot.

On Tap Now or Soon

There are already a couple of beers on tap worth getting excited about.

Emerson's must be tired of hearing us beg them to keep making Oreti Red. They seem to be settling for once a year, which is better than nothing. In fact it's quite good. But we'll keep working on them.

Also on tap right now is a new favourite in Funk Estate Black IPA.

Some treats coming within or after the next 24 hours are:

  • Croucher Double D, strange name but we're really looking forward to this. We're expecting a hoppy amber ale, like Oreti Red, although when it's labelled an "Irish Red Ale" it's a little harder to get excited.
  • Mikkeller Amarillo IPA - the beer we promised seven days ago will probably be tasting even nicer now.
  • Nøgne Ø Citra IPA.
  • Three Boys Oyster Stout on hand pump.
  • Not one but two treats from Yeastie Boys. We've a keg of Digital IPA, which you may be familiar with. We also have a rare keg from the annual release they call Her Majesty. This year's Her Maj, which we assume is not released to coincide with a certain figure's jubilee, is said to be influenced by traditional dark Scottish Ales but with a "secret twist". Meanwhile on they're putting it in the herb/spice/vegetable category..
  • We've a keg of Galbraith's fabulous Belgian Abbey style Resurrection and we even have a few of the fabulous goblets that Galbraith's serve it in themselves.


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