Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012

Feedback Needed... Britomart... ParrotDog... Menu Changes... New Release Tuesday... Music... Finally...

Feedback Needed

As regular customers may have noted, we often have beers on tap that are completely new or even experimental. While it's great for us they often come with a request from the brewer for feedback. And all too often we end up telling them what we think rather than what our customers do.

So if anyone has any comments to make about any of the beers we serve, feel free to email us at We'll package them up and send them on to the various brewers. (Or feel free to make whatever contact you are inclined to with the breweries themselves!)


Last year two Auckland brewers, John Morawski and Laurence van Dam, moved into what was once the Rose and Crown pub in Customs Street East. They went to a great deal of trouble and expense to restore what was, by then, a pretty shabby site, and installed a flash, new Canadian brewery. The result is another impressive Auckland brewpub to join the likes of Galbraith's and Hallertau.

They've now decided that their brewing operation has got to the point where they can sell some of their beer outside the venue. So we're delighted to be taking delivery of a variety of their beers next week. And we understand that when we put them on tap next Friday (the 29th) it will be a Wellington first.


Speaking of new breweries we have reason to believe that one of Wellington's new breweries will be productive in the not too distant future. If so it will be the result of an extraordinary effort by the Matts, after many a critic thought the installation and commission of their new brewery would take months.

Menu Changes

The food side of our offering has had a few tweaks over the last week or so. For your snacking pleasure:

  • Gyoza are back. Veggie are on the menu right now, with pork being added shortly.
  • We now, finally, serve cheese - check the menu for the cheese of the week.
  • We had a visit last evening from Scott, of Tongue Hammer Food, who are the New Zealand importers of Blair's Sauces and Snacks. Scott left us with a case each of their Habanero and Jalapeno Cheddar crisps. These are strictly for "Hot-heads", a club that seems to share a lot of members with the "Hop-heads". Anyone unused to extremely spicy food may need to sign a waiver before purchasing these snacks.

New Release Tuesday

If this week's new releases were a nod to a gentle, traditional style of brewing, with two New Zealand made, sub-5% milds, then next week will represent a 180° turn.

On Tuesday come two monsters from Mikkeller. One will be their Imperial Pilsner known as Draft Bear. The name, right down to the spelling of "Bear" is intended to mock Danes' expectations of a lager. But be warned, this is a fully grown, 8% "bear".

The other new release is Frelser, which means Saviour in Danish and is a homage to Paulaner Salvator - the original doppelbock. Again, this isn't a beer for taking lightly - it's 11%ABV.

As usual, these will both go on tap at 5pm. (Note that a few bottles of both of these beers have been available before, but this is their tap debut.)


The last instalment of our precedent-setting, ground-breaking run from Adam Page and the Counts is this Saturday night from 10pm - conveniently just a short time after the end of the rugby.

After that we go into an even braver new world of weekly, one-off gigs by some of Wellington's finest musicians. For instance on June 30 we'll host "gypsy jazz" exponents Hot Cafe, whose very name should trigger flashbacks to the 80s for older readers.


We're big fans of Rogue, but this recent news is frankly a bit disturbing. We promise not to start culturing anything derived from the beards of our staff.


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