Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Message to our Customers

In the year and a half since opening, we've received a steady stream of compliments for our staff and service.

Occasionally some customers, with justification, have found fault with the way they've been treated, and have come forward and voiced their complaints in a constructive manner. We believe that in every case we've been able to make peace with those individuals.

Over the last few days however, an odd trend has emerged. From the relative anonymity of twitter a couple of slurs have been thrown our way. It's easy to write these off as the rantings of cranks or even as some kind of campaign. But perhaps these people have valid complaints.

So if anyone reading this was responsible for one of those complaints, or if you know who the complainants were, please let us hear these complaints in a way that lets us take them seriously. For instance, there's an email address on the website. And the bar is open from midday every day. Otherwise can we suggest that those without enough courage to voice their convictions openly and civilly keep them to themselves?


fuvenusrs said...

For the record, I love Hashigo Zake. Every time I've been in, the service has been impeccable, the beer has been fantastic, and the atmosphere has been beyond compare.
Sadly, the thing about the internet is that it's an anonymous zone for people to say whatever they like without fear of real-life reprimand, because of said anonymity. Hiding behind a pseudonym and slagging people off seems to be the hobby of half the people on the 'net, which is more a reflection of their own shortfallings, rather than the way things are in real life. Thing is, as the meme goes, haters gonna hate, and the internet gives them a hidey-hole to do it in without having to actually pick up their spine and say it to HZ's collective face, because then they may actually have to back up their arguments with some sort of factual matter that isn't merely opinion and actually do so like an adult. This may prove rather difficult, because HZ is amazing and I challenge anyone out there to find a beer bar that is better presented or served than HZ.
SO my suggestion to y'all at HZ is to treat these tweets with the contempt they deserve, and ignore them. Your service and stock are more than adequate. You know this. We know this. The rest of the world knows this. Don't break a sweat over a couple of negative comments.

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