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December 30, 2010

The Fun Continues.. Ballast Point..

The Fun Continues

It's a funny time of year and while some of you and some of us drift in and out of Wellington, Hashigo Zake is still battling to put new and interesting beverages in front of you every day that we are legally allowed to open. Meanwhile our own circumstances mean that this message will be shorter than usual. Please accept our apologies - normal service will resume shortly.

The highlight this week will be the simultaneous release of multiple Ballast Point beers, but before and after that will be plenty of other stunning firsts.

Over the last few days we've snuck Bear Republic Racer 5 on tap (don't worry if you missed out - there's more) and right now Coronado Islander IPA is on.

In addition there remain many of the local treats mentioned last week that have yet to make their way on to the taps.

Ballast Point

Last week's launch of Green Flash beers was such a success that we've decided to repeat the formula for another brewery new to us - Ballast Point. And what date could be more appropriate that New Year's Eve.

The pitch is pretty much the same. You can come in and pay $20 for a ticket that entitles you to a 300ml serving of each of four Ballast Point beers. The tap beers in the mix will be Big Eye IPA, Sculpin IPA, Calico Amber Ale and Victory At Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter.


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