Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27, 2011

The Sevens.. The Superbowl.. Brewing - A Dangerous Occupation.. Fishhead.. On the Water.. Web Store News...

The Sevens

As this email goes out Wellington's annual convention of exhibitionism, binge drinking and errr.. sport is eight days away.

Last year was our first Sevens weekend as a business. Accepted wisdom is that it is the biggest event of the year for Wellington hospitality businesses. However we found that after we had applied our usual standards when it comes to admitting the paralytically drunk, we didn't actually do much business. We assumed that it was because you, the responsible portion of our customer base, didn't venture into town.

This year we've been informed that the council are making greater than ever efforts at managing the chaos that takes place on the 4th and particularly the 5th. This means that even our portion of Taranaki St will be closed to vehicles from 9pm on Saturday. Counter-intuitively though, pedestrians coming from the waterfront will be herded away from our vicinity and towards Tory St, which will be considered the "safe" way into Courtenay Place. To put it another way, it's going be slightly harder than usual (depending what direction you are coming from) to get to Hashigo Zake.

So this message aims to reassure our faithful, responsible customers that between our own door staff and the council's measures there is no reason to fear coming down on the 4th and 5th.

The Superbowl

Hot on the heals of the Sevens comes Superbowl Monday (or Superbowl Sunday as it's known in the US). Last year we took the participation of New Orleans in the match as a cue to make Gumbo and do some specials on American beer.

This year the match is being played in Dallas, so it seems appropriate to revive our fabulous twelve-hour, beer-infused chilli. We'll serve it with sour cream, corn chips and cheese. Sadly neither of the teams (Steelers & Packers) is from the same city as a brewery that we import. Nevertheless will find an excuse to offer some kind of deal on certain beers from our recent delivery of American goodies.

Brewing - A Dangerous Occupation

Yes that may surprise some but there are innumerable ways for a brewer to suffer grave injuries. We recently learned that Mike Nielson, brewer at Tuatara and godfather of the Wellington home brewing scene, spent a week in hospital and is still recuperating at home. Our best wishes go out to Mike and we hope for everyone's sake that he's back in the saddle shortly. We understand that he has recovered sufficiently to consume liquids.


The latest issue of Fishhead magazine is out, which means the second instalment of Hadyn Green's beer column and its second ever Hashigo Zake advertisement. We recommend.

On the Water

Just in case anyone was getting bored with the lineup over the last month or so (as if)... Arriving in the next week or two will be dozens of kegs from two of our favourite breweries. Here's a hint - they're both from whale-hunting nations.

Web Store News

New Zealand's greatest web store for craft beer (The Cult Beer Store) just got a little more useful to our local customers. You can choose "Collect from Hashigo Zake" as a shipping option and avoid paying the freight charge.

We're also in the process of updating the merchandise offerings, so t-shirts and glassware will be there for purchase too.


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