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December 23, 2010

Christmas Trading...
Green Flash...
Ballast Point...
Boxing Day Test...
Coming Soon

Christmas Trading

This time last year it seemed that you'd all left town and trade was slow. So this week we let several key staff disperse to various parts of the world (like Japan and the South Island) and looked forward to a low key few days of trading in the last days before Christmas. Instead we've been as busy as ever. Admittedly launching Green Flash on Tuesday played a part, but it's been a pleasant surprise to see the bar packed out pretty much every night this week.

So thank you all for keeping us busy and please accept our apologies if our standards of service have been affected by the unexpected level of business.

As you'll see below we aim to maintain business as usual as much as possible over the Christmas period. We are obliged to turf you all out by midnight on Christmas Eve and not open again until Boxing Day, but apart from that we will be open from midday every day.

Green Flash

From where we stood our launch of Green Flash on tap on Tuesday was a runaway success, with a lot of people rapt to be drinking Californian beer in the kind of condition the brewer would approve of.

Our initial kegs of 30th St Pale, West Coast IPA, Hop Head Red and Double Stout were all gone early on Wednesday, but they'll all be returning soon and regularly. But we're unlikely to have more than two on at once from now on. 30th Street will be on tonight.

Ballast Point

Tuesday's Green Flash launch was so enjoyable that we are planning a similar event for Ballast Point on New Year's Eve. More details in next week's email and on Facebook and Twitter closer to the time.

Boxing Day Test

As discussed, it's business as usual on Boxing Day, which coincides with one of the most eagerly anticipated sporting events in a long time. We know an English accent when we hear it and we know there must be a lot of support amongst our customers for one side (or the other). We'll put a keg of Fuller's London Pride on, the beer engines will be pumping and we'll even make sure there are plenty of Pork and Chorizo pies in stock.

Coming Soon

Some of our key suppliers have the nerve to go on holiday over the next few days, so we've had to stock up big time.

  • We've got a pallet load of beer from Renaissance, including Elemental Porter, Voyager IPA and Discovery.
  • The steady flow of beer from Golden Bear continues, with more Patriot Pale Ale and Hop Toad.
  • We've got a new beer from the Mussel Inn called Happy Jackal Pumpkin Ale.
  • And because we know that 8 Wired's Tall Poppy is turning drinkers into addicts we've hoarded two kegs.
  • Our first ever Moa keg is ready to have its day. It will be their radical 7.2%ABV Pale Ale.
  • And last but not least, expect to see beers from Bear Republic, Coronado and Green Flash (in addition to the four launched on Tuesday) sneaking onto the taps or into the bottle fridges over the coming days.

Merry Christmas from everyone at Hashigo Zake.


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