Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1st, 2016

Modern Times Discovers Pilsner

The thing about NZ beer I missed the most during my time in the USA was the lack of anything resembling a NZ style pilsner.

The light and thirst quenching yet still hoppy and interesting style has no real equivalent outside of NZ. When I asked US beer people why not, they usually replied 'lagering takes too long'. Which is no excuse - the majority of NZ pilsners are actually ales...

The Pilsners I did find in the US tended to resemble European style pils. Clean and earthy/grassy with a light dry finish. Great on  a hot West Coast day, but get boring pretty quickly.

Perhaps Modern Times' head brewer Matt Walsh's visits to NZ have inspired him, with the release of their first ever pilsner: Modern Times Ice Pilsner.
It's the first pilsner to come out of Modern Times, and by the looks of it they've taken a more 'new world' approach:

"The flavor: cold. The crushability: maximum. Ice is our very first pils, and it brings the noise.
Hopped with Czech Saaz and Australian Summer hops, before, like, so many weeks of lagering, Ice packs the flavor of the mighty San Diego mountains into a compact 4.8% ABV package."

We're tapping Modern Times Ice at 5pm - leaving you an hour and a half to enjoy it before Santa Session kicks off.
Speaking of which, Santa Session is now sold out. If you missed out on a spot and want to be put on the wait list, just reply to this email and I'll stick your name on.

Coffee Beer Three Ways

This Saturday's bottle pour flight looks at  how coffee can be used in various styles of beer.

Coffee has been shown to work well in dark beers, so Mout & Mocca Imperial Porter from De Molen is a safe (albeit 11.6%) bet.
Brown ales are more subtle so Modern Times' new Sleepless City will be interesting.
But a coffee IPA? Sounds weird. Rogue's new Cold Brew IPA apparently integrates coffee and hops... but you be the judge.

We'll be pouring 150ml flights of each of these three styles for $15 from midday Saturday.

Bare Beer Calendar 2017

This year's Craft Beer Calendar pledge campaign is almost over, so it's time to jump on board!
Offering a standard and NSFW calendar was quite a bit of work for the organisers last year, so this year the calendar photos will be a mix of clothed and less-than-clothed beery people.

However all of the more revealing photos are done very tastefully, as you can see with Van and I on the right.

The photo ideas I've heard so far sounds like a lot of fun and involve your favourite brewers, bar staff and bar regulars.

The calendar again supports the Sexual Abuse Prevention Network (SAPN), an amazing group that is making a big difference in Wellington. I've personally attended their 'It's Our Business' sexual violence prevention programme for people in the hospitality and came away feeling empowered to intervene when appropriate.

More details on SAPN, the calendar and the pledge rewards are available over on the pledgeme page, where you should pledge now!

Old Beer 2: Another Evening of Aged Beer

Last year's 'old beer' tasting went so well, we've decided to hold it again!
We'll be seeing how a few of the beers are tasting a year on, and a whole lot of new old beers.
Traditionally beers that age well are strong and malty, but recently this wisdom has been challenged by a few members of the beer community who claim other styles age just as well.
At this tasting we'll be trying aged examples of both, in a quest to answer the age old question: "is fresh best?"
Beer Without Borders has a back catalogue of beers ranging from a few years to almost a decade old, and spanning styles from spiced ale and saison to imperial stout and barley wine.
We'll be seeing what happens to a bretted pale ale after four years, how a barley wine evolves over time and learn about how things like oxidation, autolysis affect the flavour of beer.
We're only charging $35 for this tasting, which takes place at 6pm on Wednesday the 14th of December at Hashigo Zake.
We'll also provide plenty of aged cheddar to match with these massive beers:
  • Green Flash Rayon Vert 2012
  • Moon Dog Dashers Envy 2014
  • Mikkeller Mielcke & Hurtigkarl 2014
  • Green Flash Double Stout 2013
  • Iron Fist Imperial Rebellion 2013
  • Rogue XS Old Crustacean Barley Wine 2008
  • Green Flash Barley Wine 2012
  • Renaissance Tribute Barley Wine 2011
  • Moon Dog Jumping the Shark 2013
PLUS a very old beer out the boss's personal cellar, from a legendary but now defunct NZ brewer.

Book you spot for just $35 over the bar or on now.


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