Thursday, October 30, 2014

October 30th, 2014

Pacific Beer Aftermath

Once again PBE went very smoothly thanks to the help of some wonderful volunteers, well behaved punters, brilliant brewers, amazing caterers (how good was that food! cheers Catering Studio), merciful weather and a pair of beautiful venues.

However if you're one of (what seems to be) the majority of Wellingtonians who left Wellington over the long weekend, you'll have a chance to experience a small slice of the joy that is PBE. As usual, there are plenty of leftovers to get through.

So over the next couple of weeks we'll be tapping beers like Boatrocker Mitte Berliner Weisse, Renaissance Terroir IPAs, Brew Cult Can't Fight The Funk IPA, Kaiju! Cthulhu Black IPA and Garage Project Trip Hazard. These will be short-lived apperances, so keep an eye on your Hashigo beer list apps (available on the right hand side there---> )


We return to our regular New Release Tuesday schedule with a three-way collaboration beer that sets the record for the longest name of any NRT beer ever.
Bridge Road Brewers/To ├śl/Birra del Borgo One Autumn Sunday Morning Somewhere Three Hours North Of Melbourne Black Session IPA (yes that's actually its name), with eighteen words takes the title from Yeastie Boys/Firestone Walker/Panhead Englebert Pumpernickel with a paltry seven word name.

It's questionable whether Black Session IPA is actually a style, so the three brewers decided to add fuel to the debate by making one. The hop bill is comprised of the odds and ends the visiting brewers found during breakfast. The beer itself mixes tropical hops with roasty cocoa flavours all in a sessionable 4.5% package.
Come on down at 5pm Tuesday to try this concoction.
(I realise hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia is a fear of long words, but I couldn't find the term for a fear of long beer names but you get the picture.)

Beertender to Musician

One of our bartenders, Josh, switches roles this Saturday. Not only is he a great beertender, but a hugely talented musician.
Josh is part of the band OyAzoy, who return this Saturday for a second gig in the Hashigo lounge.

OyAzoy bring a fat, soupy blend of Balkan, Latin, and Klezmer music, mixed up with Soul and Ska grooves. It takes seven musicians to create their amazing sound, we'll have to make a bit of extra space so there'll still be space to get up and groove in our wee lounge.

OyAzoy kick off at 10pm Saturday, and as usual is free of charge.

Barrel Ageing 101

Barrel aging isn't just reserved for wine and spirits, many styles of beer can be changed and improved with a bit of time in oak. Craft Beer College will be demonstrating this point in their next class "Big and Barrel Aged".

This tasting will be showcasing the big and barrel aged offerings in our fridge and Beer Without Borders' catalogue. These tend to be on the pricier side of things, so it's a great opportunity to try a range of interesting beers for a bargain price.

If you're free on Saturday 15 November email to book your spot then come on down at 2pm to enlighten your taste buds.


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