Thursday, February 27, 2014

February 27th, 2014

Get Wired this Tuesday

If you're reading this, then you're probably a fan of 8 Wired beers. You know their history of consistent, polished and challenging beers - and that they were named champion brewery of New Zealand in 2012.

It's exciting then, for us to host 8 Wired head brewer, Soren Eriksen, at the bar this Tuesday. Soren will be here with a brand new beer, 'BlackWired IPA'.

While we've got him here we're putting on a few others from the 8 Wired stable: The classic ReWired Brown Ale & SemiConductor Pale Ale and the more insane Brettanomyces Pilsner & Ice Distilled Bumaye! (weighing in at 27%!)

The tap takeover starts at 5pm this Tuesday, but Soren will be a bit late - he's gotta brew fresh Hopwired first (we'll forgive him). So he'll be answering questions, signing your paraphernalia and accepting your admiration from 6.30pm. Don't miss your chance to rub shoulders with one of our best brewers.

Black Spider Stomp

Black Spider Stomp are back this Saturday, with their swinging gypsy mix of original compositions and Django Reinhardt classics.

Catch them in the lounge from 10pm this Saturday! As always, for free.

Staffie Series

The first beer in our 'Staffie Series' - my Beetnik IPA - will be launching on Tuesday, March 11th. Save the date! More info next week.

A Fridgefull

The latest shipment from Beer Without Borders contained so many new and exciting beers, we weren't able to fit all of them in our fridges.

Over time we've been running down a few lines to make space for these newbies and over the last week we've crammed in quite a few.

Look out for: Lakefront Klish Pils & Imperial Pumpkin; Baird Dark Sky Imperial Stout; Rogue Voodoo Dougnuts Pretzel, Raspberry & Chocolate; St Bernadus Abt 12; Schloss Eggenberg Samichlaus; Funk Estate Super Afrodisiac and Peckham's new Homeblock Cider.

The new Voodoo tastes like liquified raspberry chocolate, while the amazingly rich and spicy Lakefront Imperial Pumpkin will certainly satisfy those who miss Southern Tier's Pumpking.

And Finally

A big thank you from the HZ staff to all SOBA members who voted us “Best Wellington Bar”. We really appreciate it, and will keep doing our best!


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