Thursday, March 14, 2013

March 14, 2013

Cuisine à la Bière... Saturday Entertainment... Midnight Deluxe... Look Out For...

Cuisine à la Bière

Regular customers may have noticed the recent arrival of beer in a lurid pink bottle. It's Rogue's Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale. It is brewed in collaboration with the cult Portland doughnut chain known as Voodoo and is based on a similarly flavoured doughnut. Several staff and customers heard of the beer and pestered us to include it in our latest order from Rogue. It turns out that the purchase came with strings attached. One of these was a requirement to run some kind of "store display" and send proof to Rogue Nation Headquarters.

Since we aren't a "store" we're going to have a Voodoo night. And since there are no Voodoo Doughnut stores in Wellington, we're commissioning pâtissier Makoto Ishigami to create a tribute to the Bacon Maple Doughnut. And next Wednesday evening we'll be giving two of these doughnuts away with every bottle of the beer.

Supplies of the doughnuts will be strictly limited, so we recommend coming down as soon after 5pm as possible.

Vegetarians, diabetics and the gluten-intolerant are advised to avoid this promotion.

Saturday Entertainment

It's jazz and funk again this Saturday in the form of the James Illingworth trio. As usual, it's 10pm and zero charge.

Midnight Deluxe

A couple of weeks ago we featured Liberty's Midnight, a "double oatmeal stout" as our new release. That went down so well that we've pestered the brewery to let us have the barrel aged version - Midnight Deluxe - as next week's new release. This beer has had a spell in lightly charred American oak barrels.

There could be a bonus Liberty beer to try at around the same time too. Joe has brewed a 6.8% New Zealand Draught. Snigger.

Look Out For

Most of Garage Project's collaboration with the Royal New Zealand Ballet - a beer called Hops On Pointe - was bottled; and in an ideal world those bottles would be on sale in New Zealand's better bars, bottle stores and supermarkets already. Unfortunately complications mean that those bottles haven't made it into shops yet, but we'll have a rare keg of this beer on tap soon. It's a strong pilsner made with German hops and finished with champagne yeast.

Meanwhile if there's anyone who hasn't seen this mind-boggling promotional video we encourage you to find a few minutes to enjoy it.

Our final keg (for now) of Southern Tier's Un*Earthly Imperial IPA will be on tap shortly.


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