Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 10, 2013

Faux Controversy

Last weekend 20 people took part in an unusual tasting here at Hashigo Zake. The theme was “faux craft” beers. The idea was to put the claims of the makers of faux craft beer and the prejudices of many of us involved to the test, by serving them blind alongside recognised and award-winning examples of their respective samples. A write-up of the event is here.

Now the organisers of this tasting also happen to run Craft Beer College, and we understand that the tasting is going to be repeated (with refinements based on participants’ feedback), possibly on February 16, and be open to Craft Beer College’s customers to join in. We encourage anyone curious about the relationship between beers known as “craft” and beers knows as “faux craft” to get involved. But be warned that you may run the risk of being labelled “pious”, “elitist”, “unhinged” or simply a “wanker”.

Santa Session Hangover

Back in December our attempt to add a little extra gloss to the Santa Session by getting commemorative glassware made was undone by a slow turnaround with the etching. But they did eventually get here, so if there are any Santa Session participants who'd like the souvenir glass that they never drank from, please come on down and ask.

Moon Dog Launch

Last week we foreshadowed the arrival of beer from the radical Melbourne brewery Moon Dog. After a delay getting to us from the port we're assured that they'll be here by Tuesday. Which makes Moon Dog Dasher's Envy the ideal new release for next Tuesday. It will be on tap from 5pm and we may have some of their bottled range in the fridge by then as well.

Dasher's Envy is a Christmas beer. According to website The Crafty Pint it's "a dark ruddy brown ale with a thick, treacly body, the spices are of the cakey variety and the aromas darkly sweet and fruity with a spot of what appears to be marzipan thrown in too."

We also have Moon Dog's Love Tap in a keg, but we'll wait to put that on because brewer Josh Uljans has pencilled in a trip to Wellington later this month. If and when that happens we've a feeling that some of you will have questions for him.

Survey Time

We announced this year's annual survey last Thursday and within a couple of days had as many responses as last year. This is great news but we'll resist the temptation to close the survey early and crack on with the analysis. Instead we'll close it next Wednesday and announce the findings on Thursday.

A glance at the responses in so far suggests that there are some definite changes in our customers' perceptions of what has been good, so we're all going to have fun picking over the results.

Anyone who wants to add their $0.02 worth should follow this link forthwith.

Gypsy Jazz

Gypsy Jazz returns to our lounge this Saturday night in the form of youthful local practitioners Black Spider Stomp. No change in venue (our lounge), start time (10pm) or cover charge (nil).

More Belated Christmas News

Every second item today seems to refer back to the season of selective goodwill. Here's another. Many of you will remember the fuss we made just before Christmas over Garage Project's The Chosen Few - the white truffle infused Belgian ale. We've heard that the funds raised from the sale of just 20L of the beer amounted to a very reasonable $930. And we're assured that this contribution made a big difference to the organisers of Aro Valley's "Room At The Inn" Christmas Dinner - wherein disadvantaged or housebound people got a decent feed. And not a peep from talkback radio! Back pats all round.

Finally, don't forget that we plan to come over all local on Wellington Anniversary Weekend and serve only Wellington beer. That's Jan 18-21.


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