Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

A New Event... Last Week... New Release Tuesday... On Tap Soon... Music on Saturday...

After the mayhem of last week you'd expect a follow up publicity email to be subdued, a "bit of a comedown", or maybe even lacklustre. Will that be true with this? Only one way to find out.

A New Event

We have great pleasure in announcing a brand new collaboration between ourselves and Shinobi Sushi Lounge - or more specifically a collaboration between our own Shigeo Takagi and Shinobi's Tatsuhito Sasakura. The two have come up with a menu for an evening of Beer and Japanese Cuisine, to be held at Shinobi at 43 Vivian St on September 3 from 6pm.

Tickets will go sale in a few days and will be available from Shinobi, here or from the Cult Beer Store. Previous events like this have been incredibly popular and successful, but teaming up with Shinobi marks an additional level of ambition.

Last Week

It wasn't hard to predict that last week would be our biggest ever and so it proved. What was interesting to us was that a lot of the people who made the bar so crowded on Thursday, Friday and Saturday were from outside Wellington. It seems that Beervana's reputation has been established in places like Auckland and Melbourne and we can expect more beer tourists in the future.

Our gigs those nights were very successful too and we anticipate that the performers we engaged last week will be back soon. In fact in the case of Darren Watson's Underground Blues Band, they'll be back as soon as September the 1st.

It looks as though the Brewers Guild Awards and Beervana themselves were as successful as ever before. There has been plenty of back-patting over the last week over some particularly popular winners, so do we need to single any out particular results? Probably not, but here are a few names: ParrotDog, Liberty, Emersons/Regional, Kereru/Kieran Haslett-Moore, Phil Cook, Funk Estate, Garage Project, 8 Wired, and, of course, Harrington's.

New Release Tuesday

We're handing the New Release Tuesday slot over to Funk Estate once again next week. Fresh from being showered with bronze at the Awards last week they've offered us their latest experimental beer. It's called Samu-rye - a rye ale fermented with a sake yeast.

If the idea of fermenting beer with sake yeast sounds odd, it needn't be. The practice goes on in Japan occasionally and it's a wonder it doesn't happen more often given how much the flavours and aromas of sake are derived from their yeast strains. And those with long memories might recall the fabulous Nøgne Ø Red Horizon (which may be making a comeback) - a strong red ale fermented with sake yeast.

Samu-rye goes on tap next Tuesday at 5pm.

On Tap Soon

The observant might have figured out that an event like Beervana has to over-cater somewhat and that there might be some pretty interesting leftovers. We thought so too and sought to use our influence to get access to the cream of those leftovers - particularly the "festive beers". As soon as the paperwork has been completed we'll be finding room on the taps for these and one or two other luxury leftovers.

Look out too for:

  • Brewaucracy Bean Counter - Greig McGill might have hurried back to Hamilton, having escaped the fate of being re-appointed secretary of SOBA, but a keg of his most famous vanilla infused porter remains.
  • One of the stars of this year's SOBA Winter Ale Festival - Mikkeller Black Hole - returns.
  • 8 Wired Superconductor Imperial IPA will be back.
  • We have taken possession of a keg of Garage Project's amazing Red Rocks Reserve, which will find its way on tap some time soon.

Music on Saturday

After three nights of Blues last week, we're turning back to jazz this Saturday in the form of the Reuben Bradley Trio. As usual there is no charge and the music starts at 10pm. There are signs that there is extra interest in this one, so lateness is not recommended.

Meanwhile earlier in the evening and on the other side of the bar, televisions will be tuned in for the All Blacks/Australia rugby.


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