Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

Thanks... Ø For Awesome... Nogne-O and Mikkeller... Brouwerij De Molen... Upcoming Treats... Finally...


It's extremely important to thank those who do us a favour, so our first duty this week is to thank Dylan and Hayley, who came in and staffed the bar on Monday so the full Hashigo Zake roster could go out and celebrate Christmas 2011. Interestingly this is the earliest date yet that we've got to hold a staff Xmas do.

In the unlikely event that any customers were inconvenienced by being served by our irregular staff that night, we apologise.

Ø For Awesome

Plans are racing ahead for Tuesday's launch of Ø For Awesome, the collaborative beer hatched by Renaissance, 8 Wired and Nøgne Ø's Kjetil Jikiun when we brought him to New Zealand late last year.

Since the launch date is 364 days after a certain civil defence emergency the first two kegs are being donated by the brewers and all proceeds from the sale of their contents will go to the Red Cross's ongoing work in the Canterbury region.

Garage Project are coming to the party too. A small amount of their collaboration with Nøgne Ø (Summer Sommer) has been bottled and we'll be auctioning these bottles off to the highest bidders. Just ask at the bar to enter your bid for a bottle.

A video documenting the brew day has been shot and edited by our own Dylan Jauslin. At the time of writing it's being uploaded to youtube and should soon be available to view here.

Nøgne Ø and Mikkeller

Earlier this week we took delivery of large orders of beer from these two giants of Scandinavian craft brewing. The contents are making their way into our fridges at this moment. There are some pretty exciting beers among them.

Brouwerij De Molen

We got a pleasant surprise yesterday when Dave Waugh of local beer importer Malz & Hopfen mentioned that he has come to an agreement with the Netherland's Brouwerij de Molen to bring their beer to New Zealand. In the past we've stocked de Molen's collaboration with Mikkeller and have also got to taste one or two bottles that were brought in the suitcases of friends returning from Europe, so we know how good their beer is.

It's also great to see another importer importing the "right way" - i.e. with the approval of the brewery and without having the beer go through extra sets of hands.

Upcoming Treats

A few welcome returnees:

  • Beastwars
  • Big Eye
  • Brew Moon Dark Side Stout
  • Cassel's Milk Stout
  • TPA
  • Orange Avenue Wit
  • Lots of Renaissance beers

Something new - Brewaucracy (Punkin Image, Bean Counter) have sent us what they're describing as a "lawnmower beer". It's called Honest Labour and knowing Greig McGill's fundamentalist libertarian leanings it's interesting to ponder whether the name is sincere or sarcastic. The beer itself is designed to be refreshing, using pale English and German malts and even some wheat malt, and Czech Saaz hops and weighing in at a modest 4.2% ABV.

A few notable or even sensational offerings remain on tap for a little longer:

  • This week's new release - Ballast Point Tongue Buckler - a massive Imperial Red Ale.
  • Three Boys Pineapple Lump Porter
  • Liberty West Coast Blonde Ale - Amarillo Edition


We're sending a strike team of bar staff and a truck full of beer to Christchurch next week for the Great Kiwi Beer Festival. If you have friends or family there who might like to try the kinds of products that we take for granted here at HZ, be sure to suggest that they visit the "World of Beer Marquee".


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