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August 25, 2011

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Daily Tastings

Next month we're launching a completely new initiative with visitors to Wellington in mind. Since opening we've been getting a steady and increasing flow of overseas guests who are often keen to learn about the New Zealand craft beer scene. We're expecting that flow to increase in September and October when a certain sporting event is on.

With these visitors in mind we're holding daily tastings designed to introduce guests to New Zealand craft beer. They'll take place at 3pm every day from September 10 until October 10. The price will be a mere $25. Attendees will be guided through samples of a variety of styles from a variety of New Zealand craft brewers, will be entertained by our knowledgeable staff and will receive up-to-date notes to take away on the ever-changing New Zealand craft beer scene. Anyone hosting overseas guests in that period and wondering how you'll keep them entertained between matches can now breathe a sigh of relief!

We won't take bookings for these tastings - guests can simply turn up at Hashigo Zake at 3pm on any day in the Sep 10 - Oct 10 period and join in the fun.

M!ller's IPA Release Leftovers

Last Friday's release of M!ller's IPA A and B (renamed Humulus and Lupulus at the last minute) was the expected triumph for Liberty Brewing. Apparently the version called Lupulus is leading the popular vote at, even though it was Humulus that required rare American malts that Joe had to go through torture to acquire. That's gratitude.

We were allocated just over 200 litres. It's an exhausting beer to drink so it was easy to believe it had all been consumed. But around 80 litres remain and this is a beer intended to be drunk fresh. To track what's on tap, remember to check to see what's on tap when.

Garage Project Beer 10

This week's release lasted from 5pm on Tuesday until about 4pm on Wednesday. The boys will be back on Tuesday with another new release - Bière de Garage. It's a French farmhouse ale conditioned with tart cherry. Don't let anyone accuse the brewery of predictability.

The count off of 24 beers is progressing at a faster pace than expected, although there's talk of a week off some time soon. It's not clear whether it's the brewers or the drinkers who need the rest.

For those already scratching their heads, here's a run-down of the beers so far:

  1. Trip Hop
  2. Manuka Smoke
  3. Pernicious Weed
  4. Hazy Daze A
  5. Hazy Daze B
  6. Lord Cockswain's Courage
  7. Venusian Pale Ale
  8. Hāpi Daze
  9. Golden Brown

The Dominion Post did a reasonable job of describing the brewery (and giving our humble outlet a plug) on Monday. The curious can find it here. And is that shot of Pete good-looking or creepy?

Finally Feral

After months of hints and weeks of unequivocal promises, we finally put a Feral beer on tap last night. It was their Rye IPA. And our first beer from arguably Australia's best brewery didn't disappoint. At the time of writing it's still on tap, and should remain so for most of this evening at least.

The Pacific Beer Expo

Over the coming days look out for the poster for the Pacific Beer Expo. It's been designed by our unofficial Creative Director, Sean Golding, and has been drawing gasps and sighs from all who've been shown a sneak preview over the last couple of days. For your own preview, follow this link.


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