Thursday, March 21, 2019

March 21, 2019

At some moment during Friday afternoon we’ll stop playing music and serving customers for the two minutes of silence being generally observed at the time. (If anyone knows precisely when this is going to happen, please let us know.)

Given that it will probably be the early afternoon, this is a pretty minor gesture for us. But at this time is there anything that we could or should be doing? Other than refusing service to white supremacists, if we could recognise them?

Anyone who’d like to provide a constructive answer to this is encouraged to write a comment here where these emails are archived.

Capacity for Flux

You may be familiar with the recent news regarding Sci Fi- and photography-themed bar PhotonFlux, who were shut out of their own premises under incredibly dubious circumstances. Nina and Anton of PhotonFlux are longstanding friends of Hashigo Zake, so we have enormous sympathy for them. In that spirit we’re providing a venue to help keep alive one of PhotonFlux’s most popular inventions – their Sci Fi quiz.

So next Wednesday – the 27th – we’ll throw about two thirds of our floor space over to them to hold another instance of this celebrated quiz. The event also gives PhotonFlux a chance to pull in just a little cash to help with their expenses over their premature closure.

Anyone wanting to take part is encouraged to pop along to the event’s facebook page here.

We want to emphasise that there will still be space for casual drinkers with no desire to get pulled into the event.

Rock The Cash Bar

Speaking of quizzes… unfortunate external circumstances mean that we are having to move the next Rock The Cash Bar back two days, to April 10.

Bookings are already being accepted over at the event's facebook page, so get along here.

On Tap Now

  • Kereru Big Pigeon Pilsner
  • Urbanaut Brixton Pale Ale (Hand pump)
  • Hallertau Copper Tart Red Ale
  • Kereru For Great Justice Porter
  • Deep Creek Lotus Pale Ale
  • Yeastie Boys Pot Kettle Black
  • Hallertau Strawberry & Watermelon Sour
  • Kereru Velvet Boot
  • Deep Creek Waikiki Sour
  • Yeastie Boys White Noise
  • Deep Creek Wisdom IPA

By The Glass

On Saturday, we’ll continue our Bottle Pour programme by opening the cap on as many bottles as we need to of Coronado Cognac Barrel-Aged Punkin Drublic.

This stock dates back to 2015, which is shortly after Coronado were named Champion Mid-Size Brewery at the World Beer Cup, and we’re down to the last few bottles of this gem from their barrel programme.

We’ll be offering 100mls at a time for $12, from 3pm until 9pm.

The Beat Goes On

On Saturday evening we host another new band for us. The Deadbeat Dads got in touch a couple of months ago, announcing themselves as a 2 piece blues band from Kapiti, performing a mixture of originals and covers by the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Hendrix. Our booker kept an open mind, listened to some samples and got on board.

For anyone wanting to do some homework, those samples are on the Deadbeat Dads’ facebook page. Or simply take the plunge and come along on Saturday night at 10pm – we still don’t charge anything for admission.

By the way, here’s a recording of Townes Van Zandt in 1990 at the music venue that was known as Paisley Park, directly across the road from where we are on Taranaki St.

The Cult Goes On

Time for some more Takashi Miike, the prolific and provocative Japanese director.

The Happiness of the Katakuris was described as his “oddest and most infuriating film yet”, and yet is generally favourably reviewed. It’s described as a surreal horror-comedy, featuring claymation sequences, musical and dance numbers, a karaoke-style sing-along scene, and dream sequences.

It screens at 7pm on Sunday in our Lounge, at no charge and with complimentary popcorn.


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