Thursday, November 26, 2015

November 26th, 2015

Santa Sold Out

You were warned! Santa Session is officially sold out.
I'm sure you very informed subscribers all secured your tickets weeks ago, but if you did miss out there's still two very good reasons to come along next Tuesday anyway.

Tuesday is the first day of our month-long sour celebration: The Summer of Sour. To kick this exciting event off we figured one beer isn't enough, so we're tapping two sour beers this Tuesday.

Both Modern Times Fruitlands Cherry Gose and Rodenbach Grand Cru will be on tap next Tuesday. Fruitlands was one of the most loved beers from PBE, and Grand Cru is a timeless classic which we're super-exited to serve on tap.

Both Fruitlands and Grand Cru will be available in convenient 200ml TeKu glass pours, which are recommended if you're partaking in Santa Session as well. Of course the normal 300ml fancy and 473ml U.S. pint sizes will also be available for either.

Whizz Bang Wednesday

Back at the start of the month, Beer Without Borders flew Modern Times head brewer Matt Walsh to NZ for a few promotional engagements and events.
Naturally an international collaboration brew had to be done, and what better fit with Modern Times than Garage Project.

Matt and Pete got together down at GP's Aro Street brewery and whipped up something typically unique and intriguing: Whizz Bang IPA.

Whizz Bang is a 6.2% " Hop Rocket IPA " hopped with Riwaka, 'American Mystery Hop #07270' and a touch of gunpowder tea to finish.
Sadly, gunpowder tea doesn't actually contain gunpowder but is a compressed green tea that looks like gunpowder.

As our regular release spot of Tuesday is a little crammed with events (Summer of Sour, Santa Session, Regional Beer Options etc), we've moved the new release to next Wednesday at 5pm.

The word is that Modern Times is brewing a version in the US, so hopefully we can do a side-by-side of both at some stage.

Happy Birthday Nick

It’s Nick Granville’s birthday this Saturday, and he’s celebrating with his musical mates in the HZ lounge.

Come along from 9.30pm to enjoy the funky Nick Granville Trio, along with vocals from Bella Kalolo and impromptu jams from Nick’s melodic buddies.

Of course you can enjoy this musical spectacular for free - no door charge.


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