Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 17, 2011

Yeastie Friday... New On Tap... Tasting News... San Francisco Beer Week..

Yeastie Friday

The Craft Beer TV Roadshow reaches Wellington tomorrow (Friday). We're told that the film crew on wheels will be at Hashigo Zake around lunchtime to capture some footage and, perhaps, the wisdom of some local identities in the craft beer business.

One of those identities is Yeastie Boys' Stu McKinley who immediately proposed that we share the love by offering specials on the Yeasties' two current releases - Europa and Rapture.

So from opening time tomorrow (midday) and for as long as 20 litres of each beer lasts you can get a small serving of both for $10. And if you buy a pie at the same time we'll knock $2 off that too.

For those who've forgotten, Rapture and Europa are summer ales with identical recipes except for one key ingredient - the yeast. Europa is fermented with a K├Âlsch yeast and has been on tap and handpump at Hashigo Zake already. Rapture is fermented with a Belgian Abbey yeast and came out this week. The ABV of Europa is 4.2% and we understand that the ABV of Rapture came out higher at 4.5%.

New on Tap

The big news of the week is the Rapture, as discussed above. But there's more - as well as the non-force carbonated version for the hand pump, we have a keg of Rapture's fizzy version, for those who struggle with beer in its flat, "tepid" form.

Another beer that attracts the same kind of religious fervour as the Rapture is Hopwired. 2010's favourite beer (as voted by our customers) has been away too long. One keg going on some time in the next few days - keep an eye on to find out when.

And another favourite makes a welcome return over the next few days - Twisted Hop IPA.

Tasting News

Perhaps that should be Tasting Non-News. Our first tasting of the year, next week's Food and Sake Evening is fully booked. We look forward to seeing those of you who did get in in time at 6:30pm on Tuesday.

Meanwhile we're still waiting to hear about our special order of Utah beer that will make up our next event. Please keep the faith!

Meanwhile an alternative form of regular beer tasting has been quietly getting under way here at Hashigo Zake. Many of Wellington's most dedicated home brewers - including one or two of our own staff - have been organising occasional tastings of each other's output. See for more info.

San Francisco Beer Week

Yes don't pretend you didn't realise that this is San Francisco Beer Week. To celebrate we've rushed our one former San Francisco resident staff member back from his tour of the South Island to work this Saturday night. And until Sunday you can get $1 off any of the large Bear Republic bottles.


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