Wednesday, October 6, 2010

September 30, 2010

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Nøgne ø on Tap

Today marks another watershed for Hashigo Zake. This evening Norway joins the list of countries that have been represented on our taps. (For the curious, that list is New Zealand, Australia, Japan, the US, the UK, Belgium, Germany and Denmark.) We've been acquainting ourselves with the fabulous new bottled beers that came in our recent Scandinavian shipment for long enough and it's time to take the plunge and put on one of Nøgne ø's plastic key kegs.

So some time tonight, when our current keg of Yeastie Boys' Pot Kettle Black runs out, we'll wrestle with obscure European keg couplers and wrangle Nøgne ø Porter on to a tap.

Quebec Beer Tasting

As announced earlier, we are planning a tasting to celebrate and thoroughly test our recent shipment of beers from three Quebec breweries. The breweries are Dieu du Ciel, Unibroue and St Ambroise. The tasting takes place on Tuesday October 12 at 6:30pm and places can be booked online at

Now it has come to our attention that October 12 coincides with one of the All Whites' upcoming international matches. We appreciate that many of our customers are partial to a bit of footba' and some people might have an interest in attending both events. At the same time we're loath to change plans without good reason. So if anyone would like to make the case for moving the event then please get in touch and we'll see how many of you there are.

Sake Tasting

Last week we announced the arrival of a range of sakes from the Kamishin brewery in Okayama, Japan. These are pretty interesting, especially for anyone fond of sweeter and/or fruitier sakes. It seems fitting to welcome them properly by showcasing them with a tasting. But we have other recent arrivals to give this tasting added interest. We will throw in samples of the first sake ever brewed in Europe - the Nøgne ø brewery's new Daiginjyo-shu. We also have a small amount of sake and umeshu from the Kiuchi brewery. Kiuchi are better known outside Japan for brewing Hitachino Nest beer and this umeshu is even made from distilled beer.

This tasting takes place at 6:30pm on October 19, and you can book and pay for a place at


A couple of human interest stories... Firstly, two of this business's investors and most reliable customers have their last drinks at HZ for some time tonight. The couple known as Pete and Kathryn are going to spend some time in Central America and Nelson (go figure). Please excuse the large crowd of well-wishers that may join us in the bar tonight (Thursday).

Also our favourite Samoan Tolutasi Laga has been grinning for the last 24 hours after convincing the City Council that she's fit to be a certified manager. Tasi insists that there's a difference between bitchiness and bossiness and we're about to learn what it is.


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