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July 22, 2010

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  • Emerson's Week

    This is Emerson's Beer Week, when the Emerson's Brewery is showcased in its biggest market, Wellington, by their local distributor, Regional Wines and Spirits.


    As part of this celebration, several Hashigo Zake staff were reluctantly subjected to a masterclass at which a number of Emerson's beers were matched with dishes prepared by Crazy Horse Restaurant. Arguably the most striking beer of the whole event was the 2010 edition of JP, Richard's annual homage to Belgian brewing. This year the style chosen was the not-so-traditional Belgian IPA. This is a style we tend to associate with American craft breweries who love nothing better than to set the distinctive aromas and flavours of warm-fermented Belgian ales against the intense fruit and bitterness of American hops. Judging by the way Flying Dog's Raging Bitch flew off our shelves it's a style that you, our customers, find appealing.

    The good news is that Emerson's new beer succeeds magnificently at reconciling the conflicting flavours that make up a Belgian IPA. The choice of the relatively clean Duvel yeast means there isn't too much spiciness competing with the American hop character, but there remains enough ale character to distinguish it from the (still remarkable) beer it would have been with a more generic yeast.

    Hashigo Zake's trade negotiation team immediately entered into talks to acquire as much stock of this extraordinary one-off beer as possible, which should be available for sale at Hashigo Zake by the time you read this.

    Meet the Brewer

    The undoubted highlight of Emerson's Week is Saturday's Meet The Brewer event on our own premises. Yes Richard will be here from 6:30pm this Saturday, dispensing samples and mingling with appreciative drinkers.

    Even better, the brewery will provide a keg of Emerson's Weizenbock for the event. This is from the brand new 2010 batch. The 2009 version beat the legendary Schneider and Sons' Aventinus to the prize of Champion Wheat Beer in the Australian International Beer Awards back in May. This is the first time any of this beer has made it into a keg.

    On Tap Now or Soon

    Last week we promised another New Zealand first - Meantime IPA on tap. It's now on the premises and is sitting in the waiting room, chomping at the bit, waiting for its chance. By the time you read this it should have fought its way on to a tap, but to be sure, remember you can check here.

    Rogue's Northwestern Ale, the India Red Ale named in honour of real life crab fisherman Sig Hansen, is on tap for the final time. When it's gone it will still be available by the bottle.

    While we wait for the second batch of their APA to come on stream, we've nabbed a keg of Tuatara Pilsner to take the place of the usual Three Boys, Emerson's and Croucher Pilsners for a while.

    Maredsous Tripel, a real live Belgian tripel, is on tap and will be a for a bit longer while we commemorate Belgian National Day (July 21st).

    Yeastie Boys' Motueka Monster and Yakima Monster are both back, this time on the hand pumps.

    A Call For Volunteers

    As you probably know, New Zealand's most important beer festival - Beervana - takes place at the end of next month. As big as Beervana is, it does rely on volunteers to support the organisers and all the stall holders. So Steph Coutts, the volunteer coordinator, is looking for willing helpers to work at one of the four sessions.

    There are perks. For one thing you will also get a free pass to attend one of the Beervana sessions that you aren't actually working at. PLUS you get to attend Lautering with Intent - The Beervana Volunteers Briefing which will be held here at Hashigo Zake on the Tuesday evening before the event.

    Sound good? Check out the volunteer registration page here.

    Something Beerly Related

    Hashigo Zake has a longstanding relationship with FlexiTime, the payroll software company run by SOBA treasurer Rob Owen. This has been a good week for FlexiTime. They have been profiled in an article in next Monday's DominionPost, and to emphasise the stress-free qualities of his product, Rob chose to be photographed in his "happy place" - sitting at our bar.

    The company is also taking part at this week's Bizzone expo at the TSB Arena. For this event FlexiTime engaged the services of Sean Golding and Florian Karp, the design/build team responsible for the way Hashigo Zake looks and for our much loved portable bar, to design and build their booth. And we've just heard that they have taken out the prize for the most creative site. Congratulations to all involved.


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